A granite top kitchen island will take your new kitchen to the next level.

One of the most common upgrades to a kitchen is to add a kitchen island. This is one of the easiest ways to add additional storage and counter space without a total renovation or reconfiguration of the kitchen. What you’ll find when you’re looking to add a granite top kitchen island, or any kitchen island, is that there are a lot of design options.

The first thing you’ll want to figure out is how much space you have available, and what exactly you want to use the island for. Then you want to consider storage options, and of course style. Below is a few granite top kitchen islands. All with different style and function, for a variety of inspiration.


Seating Built Into Granite Top Kitchen Island

This is becoming a popular option as more people are looking to optimize the space they have. Not only does it create a kitchen island that is optimally functional, it is also beautiful. It takes a semi-plain kitchen, and turns it into a space with a lot of visual impact.

granite top kitchen island


Open Bottom Shelving

This style is typically more popular in a farmhouse design, but adding it to a more contemporary looking kitchen adds a certain dynamic otherwise not achieved in the space. Everything about it is eye-catching. The open bottom with porcelain dishes, the white granite and red completely contradicting the grey wash of the rest of the kitchen. It’s stunning and bold.

granite top kitchen island


Portable Granite Top Kitchen Island

Portable kitchen islands are gaining traction, especially ones with granite tops, with a reclaimed wood base. This is because it looks incredible, and is extremely functional. You can move it wherever it need go. This is important if you have a smaller kitchen and can’t have something constantly blocking the way. It’s also just convenient. You can plate up a meal really nicely, or a large cake, and simply move it to the dinner table or even outside.

granite top kitchen island


Massive Space

If you have a rather large kitchen, having that kitchen island to fill the space can really make a difference. It becomes the center point of the room where you can easily place everything from either side of the kitchen. This allows for less running around. It also gives you the chance to add dining space by creating a ledge and adding seating. Store books in the side, and use drawers instead of cabinets so you won’t lose anything in the far reaches of the large island. Maybe even store larger appliances like the microwave or the dishwasher. Why not, you have the space, and it will be less visible that in any other spot in the kitchen.

granite top kitchen island


Use Every Bit Of Space

This is one of our favorite granite top kitchen islands. Not because of the pure white granite that so beautifully compliments the rest of the kitchen, but because of the way they used every inch of the island. It is a table, book storage, easy reach beverage storage, and has pull out drawers lining the long side of it. They used every bit of space wisely, and that’s really the goal when adding a kitchen island.

granite top kitchen island


Having a granite top kitchen island isn’t the only option. There is wood, concrete, metal, marble, and so much more to chose from. The difference is that granite countertops are able to withstand heat, scratches, spills, and the amount of use and abuse that a typical kitchen countertop sees. A kitchen island tends to see even more use than the typical countertop. So if you’ve already decided on a granite top kitchen island, bravo. If you haven’t then reconsider.

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granite top kitchen island