Despite the fact that granite countertops are beautiful, long lasting, resistant to damage, and comes in multiple color and pattern variations homeowners are always looking for the “next best thing”. It is very unlikely that any material on the market today will beat a granite countertop.

Currently homeowners and designers have been intrigued by recycled glass countertops. Some people are considering recycled glass to spice of their kitchen. However, granite countertops are still among the top choices because of its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Recycled glass countertops are quite different in performance, look, and composition.

Here are some of the major differences to consider before moving away from a granite countertop:

  • Granite is naturally occurring and therefore does not go through a manufacturing process. This means that it remains true to its characteristics and will not fail.
  • Granite remains the top choice among homeowners and designers because it is so easy to work with and blends into any décor.
  • If you want a truly unique design, then a granite countertop is the way to go. You can rest assured that your granite countertop will truly be one of a kind.
  • Granite countertops are resistant to scratching, staining, pitting, and cracking. The individual glass pieces that make up a recycled glass countertop can easily be knocked out, chipped, or damaged.

Since granite countertops have been subjected to millions of years of heat and pressure it will not fall apart.

  • Granite countertops are one of the easiest materials to clean because it is stain resistant. A daily wipe down with soap and water will keep your granite countertop looking great!

Recycled glass countertops are not resistant to stains and can easily soak up the color of liquid and other substances that are left on the surface.

  • Despite what some distributors will tell you, recycled glass countertops are not heat resistant. Granite countertops on the other hand can withstand thousands of degrees of heat and will not scorch.
  • Recycled glass countertops can also be damaged by acidic foods. This is not the case with a granite countertop. Granite countertops are completely immune to acid.
  • Even though it is one of the most beautiful stones granite countertops are less expensive than recycled glass. On average you will pay more for the material and installation of recycled glass than for a granite countertop.
  • Recycled glass countertops require additional maintenance that granite countertops do not. Recycled glass countertops have either a rubber or cement resin base which both require sealing once a year.  
  • Recycled glass countertops are not readily available like granite countertops. Purchasing recycled glass is a long process. You usually start with ordering samples and then ordering the material which takes time. Granite countertops can be purchased directly from Granite Liquidators on the spot!

Decorating and designing your home can be one of the most satisfying yet challenging tasks! Just keep in mind that there are a multitude of products available for countertops but there is nothing like a granite countertop. Instead of bombarding yourself with too many choices take the time to browse all of the varieties of granite to see how easy it is to find something you like. Granite countertops can me very modern or extremely traditional and everything in between! Visit Granite Liquidators today!