Changing just one thing can impact your half bath immensely.

The greatest thing about small rooms, like a half bath, is that you can change just one thing and the entire room will look completely different. That being said, there are limitations to that. A small room, or half bath, can sometimes create design challenges because of its size and easy impact. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with a lot of color, or too many crazy patterns. Really, the best thing to do is keep the room rather simple, but make one thing really stand out.

You’ll see in the photos below that having one thing that really stands out, makes the world of difference in such a small space. We’ll also give you a few other ideas for your half bath.


Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles are a great choice to use on your half bath floor. It’s small enough that it won’t be overwhelming, yet gives you a chance to add color to the space. Pairing it with white walls helps the room to look bigger and brighter, and the tiles will add the color and flare.


half bath

Large mirrors

Mirrors are often used to make a space appear larger, and really are a welcome item in small half baths. Grab a beautiful circular one with a nice frame, or or a rustic square one… really just anything that suits the style you want to convey rather than a plain medicine cabinet. Mirrors with great frames will have the most impact on the small space.


Lighting is oh so important to any space, not just a small space. It’s not just the amount of lighting either. Dim lighting can be beautiful with the right hardware and setting- it doesn’t have to make the space look grim. Bright lighting can be overpowering and sterile, especially if it’s coming from an exposed bulb with no sort of casing or design. It’s depressing really. Change the lighting and you change everything!

Granite countertops

Granite is a beautiful way to add texture, color, and design to your bathroom. It has the ability to take a space to that next level, and really tie the room together. Not only that but for a small vanity your project is much more affordable, and you may even be able to use remnants that would cost you a fraction of what it normally would. Granite is durable, and able to withstand the water and high traffic of a bathroom. It lasts a long time, and will look the same for decades, which means it has a high return value.

half bath


Wainscoting is a beautiful way to add height , or create an interesting dimension to a room. You can do this with two separate colors and a small trim, or use ship lap- these are the two most common. This is seen a lot in farmhouses, lake houses, or even colonial style homes.


Shiplap really changes a space dramatically. If simply changing the color of the walls isn’t enough, add shiplap. It will add dimension and texture to any space. It also has the tendency to make the space look larger, in the same way that wearing a striped shirt does.

half bath


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