How do granite countertops become glossy?

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How do granite countertops become glossy?   How do granite countertops become glossy?

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How do granite countertops become glossy?

How do granite countertops become glossy?   How do granite countertops become glossy?

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Granite countertops give your kitchen the glam factor, but what happens when they start to dull? Since your surface is first functional, then decorative, there’s no way to avoid the inevitable wear and tear that will take that once-shiny countertop from glam to glum. But, alas, with a few tips and a little elbow grease, you can keep your granite surfaces looking great despite the daily abuse. Read on to find out more.
How do granite countertops become glossy?

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Sand the Granite Surface

Granite is a very hard natural stone. As part of preparing it for use as a countertop, professionals use technical and heavy machinery to “sand” the granite surface.

Similar to how sanding wood with an increasingly finer grit, diamond and resin is used to buff the surface of the granite. As the diamond grit gets finer and finer, the surface gets glossier.

Many people think there’s a glossy resin or clear coating over the granite, but the gloss comes from the highly smooth natural surface of the stone. Sealant is an essential step in the process, but the sealant absorbs into the pores and doesn’t add gloss.

Avoid Typical Household Cleaners

The best thing to do to maintain the shine of your granite countertops is to avoid traditional household cleaning products as some may be highly acidic and cause the surface to dull. Buy cleaners or polishes that are specifically designed to clean granite surfaces instead to get rid of any stains or soap buildup.

You can then proceed to reseal the granite surface. It will not add to the shine per se, but it will slow the seepage of stains and better equip your granite countertops to serve your family for another season.

How do granite countertops become glossy?

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How do granite countertops become glossy?

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Polishing and Grinding

Through polishing and grinding. The good news is it can be done using your run-of-the-mill items at home. One way is to pour a little cooking oil onto a soft cloth and wipe it across your countertop. Buff it gently using small, circular motions.

Not only will it make your countertop shine, but it will also make it more stain-resistant.

Use Special Abrasives

The gloss from granite countertops is not a result of some coating products. It is because of the polishing process it went through by using special abrasives. Abrasives are materials made from a mineral that is used to smoothen out a hard surface by rubbing or grinding which eliminates roughness by friction.

How do granite countertops become glossy?

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How do granite countertops become glossy?

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A Polished Finish Makes the Granite Countertops Glossier

Granite countertops come in different finishes that could leave them with a glossy appearance. A polished finish will give the glossy look that many people associate with granite countertops, as most granite countertops have a polished finish.

Additionally, applying a stone polish to granite will create a glossy finish. Rock Doctor’s Granite and Quartz Polish are ideal for creating the glossy look that most homeowners want from their granite countertops. When applied frequently, a granite polish will help keep granite countertops glossy.

Do-It-Yourself Polish

To make your granite countertop glossy, there are two easy ways. Firstly, by applying a granite polish. You can choose between wet or dry polish depending on your needs. Secondly, by creating your own home remedy granite polish. One safe mixture is 3 cups of warm water and 1/4 cup of baking soda.

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