Quartzite is all around us and is probably used in more places than you can imagine. Because of its durability, strength, and natural beauty, it is a highly sought out for product among homeowners, contractors, and designers. When you think of using quartzite in Denver, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a countertop in your kitchen, bathroom, or a laundry room. However, you can actually use quartzite for more than just countertops- it can be used it for a ton of things within your home, along with outdoors.


Let’s talk about the most common use for quartzite in your home. Your kitchen and your laundry room see a lot of high traffic and can withstand a lot of damage. Quartzite is one of the hardest stones available for home renovations, which makes it the prime candidate for these high traffic areas. These are also areas where you spend most of your day in whether it’s cooking, cleaning, doing homework with the kids, or entertaining for a party or family gathering. You want these areas to look their best, especially in your kitchen where your life is centered around.

Commercial and High End

Quartzite is used in many different settings than just a home. Quartzite can be used in commercial settings as table tops for desks and meeting tables, as well as in break rooms. When it comes to high end offices, quartzite in Denver would be perfect. In high-end homes and apartments, quartzite is often used as a huge accent piece. It can also be used for a general countertop to increase to luxury and the overall aesthetic of a high-end living space.

Accent Pieces

Let’s break down how you can use quartzite in each room in your home. Now, we have already mentioned how you can use quartzite as a countertop in your kitchen and bathroom. However, you can also use it as a backsplash to give your kitchen a very designer created look, while also being able to add some accents alongside your counter and your backsplash. You can use remnants of quartzite from your kitchen remodel as cutting boards or even as coasters. If you have enough leftovers, you could make serving platters and trays with it too!

In your bathroom aside from your countertops and backsplash, you can use quartzite in your shower as accent pieces, or just like in the kitchen you could use your leftover pieces to build trays and compartments for storage or just for decoration if you want. Quartzite is very durable, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 

As far as other areas in your home in which you can use quartzite, your imagination is the limit. You can implement quartzite in any way you think will fit into your design style. Some of the first ways you can use quartzite could be as flooring as a whole or as flooring tile accents intertwined in your existing flooring. You can use it for coffee table trays, coasters, and tabletops. Some smaller projects you can use quartzite for would be as picture frames, outlining on your fireplace, smaller accents on your furniture pieces and much more. Your options for quartzite are pretty much limitless due to the fact that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without enduring much damage.

The colorations of quartzite can vary depending on where the stone was originally mined from. This means you may have to do some searching to find the color that fits your home best. Most often you will find dark and light greys, blacks, browns, and whites with the occasional hint of rainbow color. No matter where your quartzite is mined from, it will be durable and have the hardness to withhold the high traffic it may encounter. Because quartzite is naturally formed from the Earth’s minerals and not engineered like quartz, the beauty and versatility you see and get with quartzite is all natural.

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