Are you planning to start a kitchen remodel or are you building a new home? You may be at odds as it is difficult knowing how to choose granite countertop colors. There are endless options, so focusing on a few key points will help you narrow it down.

Samples Samples Samples

Most granite distributors only provide small samples for you to take home and put against existing cabinets and walls. However, when shopping at Granite Liquidators you can walk the granite yard and see full slabs of granite firsthand, so that you can make the best selection. By seeing the whole slab- color accents, movements, and natural flaws can be seen so that you can get the full effect of your granite selection. These details are impossible to get in a small square sample. If you would like to schedule a time for a walk through in our stone yard, give us a call!

We recommend that you take off a cabinet door or drawer front and bring it into the store so that you can know best how to choose granite countertop colors, and how they will match with your designs. You will be surprised at how the color and movement variations change drastically when you put them up against alternate colors.

Matching Granite to Cabinets

Because your cabinetry is the next largest element to your countertop, they must play the starring role in your selection process. One way to go is to select a granite that is similar in color to your cabinet, but with darker veining. For example, white cabinets look amazing with white to neutral granites that have grey, black, or brown veins.

If you want a more contrasting look, you can pick granite that is completely different than your cabinets but with similar color veins to bring them together.

If you are still wondering how to choose granite countertop colors, here are some of the most popular pairings that you will see in model homes and design centers:

  • Natural to light medium maple colored cabinets with grey, beige, or white granite
  • Light to medium oak with black granite
  • Dark Brown cabinets with a dark granite with highlighted veins of color like green or red
  • Cherry cabinets with white or basic green


One blatant consideration to look at that can quickly narrow your choices, is the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom. Is there an abundance of natural light or does most of the lighting come from fixtures? If you primarily have fixtures and little natural light, you may want to consider a lighter colored stone. This can make the room look much larger than it is by reflecting the light that you do have.

What Type of Granite Pattern Do You Like?

Now that you may have a better understanding of how to choose granite countertop colors, you should also be made aware that, just as there are multiple colors to choose from, there are just as many pattern variations as well. You will find slabs with little to no pattern all the way to the most exotic patterns you can imagine. All pattern selections are easily categorized into three classes: solid, speckled, and marbled. Slabs with minimal variations are better for smaller projects in bathrooms, whereas those with a lot of movement fill up a large room. Obviously, like with anything else, more drastic colors and busier movements will make more of a statement when you walk into a room. This is the easiest and quickest way to get a whole new look if you are remodeling.

Just remember if you are re-doing an entire room always pick your granite first and design around it to prevent making bad selections. Using these few bullet points can give you a place to start and can help keep you on track.