How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops

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Granite Buying Made Simple

How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops   How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops

How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops   How To Find Affordable Granite Countertops

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Natural stones, like granite, have an alluring power that draws people with all types of taste. They are practical, timeless, elegant and have fast become the top choice of designers and homeowners. The question is: How do people find affordable granite countertops?

Granite and other natural stones are used in interior design as countertops, flooring, accent walls, showers and baths, and as decorating accents. Choosing a granite that matches your personality is a great way to add some individualized charm to your home.

Granite brings a lot to the table (or countertop) so to speak with its versatility, durability, attractiveness, and practicality. With the drastic variations in movements, colors, and patterns granite can spice up any room. Granite and other natural stones are a great way to build on your current décor or to create a focal point for a remodel.

The price of granite has come down a bit as its popularity has grown. There are some very affordable granite countertops choices out there, but there are additional ways that you can keep the cost down!

Be Knowledgeable :Affordable Granite Countertops

Having some basic knowledge in your back pocket can be helpful when calling around for granite quotes.

What colors are included in the quote you receive?

It is common for granite distributors to use some commercial grade colors and patterns to get you in the door, by only quoting you those prices which are much cheaper. For this reason, many of the more popular granite colors are not included in an initial price quote or sales ad. Knowing which colors are at the higher end of the price spectrum can help you from being led in the wrong direction up front. 

Is the granite 2cm or 3 cm?

2cm thick granite is commercial grade and significantly lower in price. This is another item that can be used to quote out a lower price point to lure you in. For home installation versus a commercial job, you always want a 3cm thick granite. It is not only more aesthetically appealing, but more durable as well.

Can you make your final selection off of a full slab of granite?

Many distributors and fabricators make you choose your granite from a small sample. This is never a good idea because you cannot see the full intensity of the color without seeing the whole slab. Furthermore, without seeing the entire slab the variations in pattern and movement are not evident. This can cause for disappointment after the granite is installed.

Seeing the whole slab of granite can also prevent you from having to buy more to finish a project if there are flaws. Flaws are inevitable because granite is a natural product. However, being able to see where the flaws lie within a slab will determine if they can be cut around with minimal waste. These types of errors can also leave you with a slab that is not big enough for your project requiring additional purchases.

Does the price include fabrication and installation?

Understanding that the fabrication and installation of your granite is most likely not included in your initial quote is important. This can prevent you from being charged hidden fees or overcharged for these services.

Using a reputable fabricator will ensure that you are being charged fair market value for their services. Get recommendations from family, friends, and distributors.

Also, be aware that some fabricators will add additional measurement fees that they do not always tell you about up front or itemize in a quote. 

Is sealing the countertop included?

Sealing your granite countertop is a must. Therefore, if this is not included in the price of your granite you can opt out and do it yourself. This can save a significant amount of money and is very easy to do.

What type of edge is included in your quote?

All granite slabs will have a finished edge after it is fabricated. However, some distributors and fabricators will show you the different options available, but without telling you they all come with a price increase except for the traditional polished edge.

Due to the fact that you deal with a distributor and a fabricator when you decide to install affordable granite countertops, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the things that you are being charged for. By educating yourself on all of the aspects involved you can be better aware of what to look for when reviewing your quote.