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Marble countertops are not good options for kitchens”.


Before you continue reading, just know that this isn’t necessarily the case!

Sure, marble countertops (being a softer material compared to granite) may be more susceptible to etching or stains – either caused by liquid or heat – but any countertop material can fall victim to these things when not cared for properly.

Contrary to popular belief, marble countertops can be great countertop materials! So, here are a few tips on how to keep your marble countertops in tip-top shape:


Don’t Forget a Hot Pad!


Seriously, if you’re going to forget one thing when it comes to maintaining your marble countertops – DON’T LET IT BE THIS.

marble countertops burn damage

Example of what a burn-stain will look like

Marble is more susceptible heat stains, so when it’s time to take out whatever’s been cooking in the oven or boiling on the stove – always, ALWAYS place a hot pad beneath it to prevent any sort of burn mark. By using a pad or placing some sort of barrier to avoid direct heat contact, your marble countertops will have no issues for cooking projects!


Keep on Sealin’


Like all countertop materials, adding a sealant will provide an extra layer of protection against things like liquids.

marble countertops stained

Remember to seal your countertops to avoid stains from liquids like wine!

Generally speaking, stone countertops will only require one seal. Yes, it’s recommended that you perform a reseal every year, but most homeowners easily sneak by without.

While the same could be said for marble, it tends to be a better idea to at least regularly check your marble countertops for a potential reseal. If it needs to be resealed, then go for it! But if you don’t think it does, then you’ll be ok to leave it be!


Clean Marble is Happy Marble


Be sure that you keep your marble clean, but take this into consideration when you’re picking out you cleaning solution:

marble countertops cleaning

Be aware that some/most cleaners are made with an acidic chemical, which will be damaging to your countertops. Check out this article for a tutorial on how to effectively and safely clean your countertops!

All in all, while the general consensus is that marble isn’t a good idea for kitchen countertops, with proper and responsible care they sure can be!