If you are beginning a kitchen renovation, you might be wondering how to match granite and cabinets? In our opinion, the best thing to do is choose your granite first. The colors and patterns in your granite countertop will be unique and for the most part unchangeable. Cabinetry on the other hand is much more versatile and easy to change out. Once you begin looking at granite, you will see that with the endless array of movements and colors your cabinets will accent these characteristics.

How to Match Granite and Cabinets

If you are renovating, but are keeping the cabinets that you already have, selecting your granite may be more challenging. Fabricators recommend that you take a drawer from your cabinets when looking at samples to help the matching process.

Overall, when it comes to how to match granite and cabinets- you have a choice between contrasting or complementing your countertops and cabinets. For instance, you may choose to contrast white cabinets with black granite or a darker wood with a lighter granite. Or, if you prefer a more streamlined look matching the same shades of granite and cabinetry is another option.

One final tip is to make sure that you consider any other color schemes that you have in your kitchen or bathroom as they can bring out even minor colors in your granite pattern.

How to Match Granite and Cabinets

How to Match Granite and Flooring

It seems that the natural order of selecting the items needed for a kitchen renovation is countertops, cabinets, and then floors. Therefore, designers recommend that you pick a flooring that compliments the highlighted colors in your granite. Choosing a wood flooring is much easier to do than marble or tile. The key is to stay within the same color scheme to avoid adding to many colors. It is also very important to consider the movement of your granite selection. Higher end granite tends to be more “busy” and will require a more muted flooring pattern selection. In this case, designers suggest finding a common secondary tone within the granite and the flooring and using that for the cabinet color to provide some separation but with unity.


At this point, the major selections have been made. We have cracked the code on how to match granite and cabinets and how to match granite and flooring. Additional accents can help bring everything together and/or bring some flair into the picture. Choosing complementary décor elements is a little like dressing yourself in the morning. Light and airy shades or dark and opulent? Do you love dramatic patterns or solids, and are you in the mood for serious or whimsical? Are you one of those people who enjoys mixing patterns for a unique, bold look, or is a more conservative, understated approach your cup of tea?

For example, back splashes provide a focal point in a kitchen while adding inflection in your design scheme. This can be a very challenging project because matching back splash is very subjective. What one person deems a “match” another might think they clash. This is an important choice since your kitchen is where we spend much of our time, both cooking and entertaining. This is important to keep in mind if this is not your “forever home” because when it comes to resale not so conventional choices tend to stand out to perspective buyers.

Renovating any room in your home is exciting, but exhausting at the same time. The most important thing despite everything is just pick what you love and ignore trends. These projects are not only investments in your home but one that you want to last over time. Give us a call if we can help you select the granite slab of your dreams to get this project started!