Over the past few years architects, designers, and decorators have been implementing a new interior design technique. This is the art of “mixing and matching”. This can be done with cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Is this article we will be breaking down specifically the mixing and matching white granite. If done correctly this can be a very elegant yet dramatic look.

Mixing And Matching White Granite

Mixing and matching can take some specialized planning but it can be done.

There are some questions to ask yourself before deciding if mixing and matching white granite countertops is right for you:

Will mixing and matching white granite countertops work with my kitchen?

To answer this question, you will need to examine the layout of your kitchen or the design plans for your new kitchen. 

You must have two separate countertop surfaces to successfully install two different types of white granite

The easiest way to accomplish this is if you have a kitchen island. This really allows you to highlight the two different white granite countertops. With this set up you will want to use a white granite countertop with a lot of movement for the island to make it the focal point of the kitchen. 

How do I choose cabinets when installing two types of white granite?

There are no special rules when it comes to this. Just like with any other type of countertop you will simply decide if you are going to contrast or compliment the white granite that you chose.

How do I decide which two white granite countertops will look good together?

Although you will want to choose two white granite countertops that have similar tones you will want some contrast, or it will look accidental. Designers recommend choosing a more solid and consistent white granite for the perimeter countertops and a more exciting grain for the center or island. This is a fail-safe way to mix and match white granite. 

Once you look at all the huge selection of white granite that there is you will be amazed. Even though we are talking white granite, the pattern and movement variations fall all over the spectrum. 

Not only is the physical layout important, so is the entire color scheme of your kitchen and the lighting.  If you currently have neutral themes throughout this will make mixing and matching white granite much easier than a kitchen with brighter bolder colors. And as for the lighting, having different levels of brightness will bring out the differences in the white granite and will eliminate any thinking it was a mistake. 

Mixing and matching white granite countertops, if well planned, can give your home a professionally decorated look. You will be left with a one of a kind kitchen that will be the envy of friends and family.