When it comes to owning a business or even being the designer who is designing a company’s office space, the décor and thought that must go into your office space is so important. This space is where you spend your work life and dreams fall into play. You want your customers to be impressed and blown away by not only the customer service they are getting, but the atmosphere they walk into as well. Designing your office can be tricky, because you want it to be stylish, match your office’s services, but still be functional! There are many ways you can spruce up your office and stand out from others to get customers’ attention. Using certain materials that give your office a classy, high-end look is the first step. Granite is the perfect material to use because it’s chic, easy to work with, is durable, and looks great no matter what. Most people think granite must be used as a countertop in a kitchen but that’s not true, you can use granite countertops in a couple of different ways.

Ideas to Spruce up Your Office

Spruce up the Check In or Reception Desk

No matter what your business is, most places have a front desk that is either a check-in desk, receptionist, or a secretary. This is the first thing your clients see when they come to your office, meaning it better give a good impression. Using granite countertops for your desk will instantly make the desk look modern and high end. It will add contrast to this space and will for sure grab customers’ eyes.

Meeting Tables

Your conference tables are where all of your ideas and discussions happen. Granite slabs have such movement, coloring, and designs that it can sometimes be inspiring. When you use granite as a countertop or tabletop, it gives off a clean and put together vibe which makes working in the office and sitting in on meetings much more enjoyable. Plus, it makes your employees feel fancy!


Each employee’s desk and office are their’s to decorate how they please, but if you want your office to have its own signature look- a good way to implement that is to use the same stones as the granite tabletop. You could even mix and match ones to match your own design look. Using granite countertops on desks creates a very signature and one of a kind look that not many offices have, which in turn makes you stand out!

Kitchen Countertops

Traditionally granite countertops in a kitchen are common, so why not implement that into your office too? Most every office has break room, coffee bar, or a full kitchen. Spice that area up and give it a facelift by using granite countertops as opposed to laminate or tile. Kitchen spaces in offices tend to be the last thing to be decorated and can be put on the back burner, but it is quite simple to enhance the look of the room. You don’t even need to add additional décor if you have granite countertops, because they are stylish by themselves and look great!


Now granite, along with other design trends, can be used for a million different things as long as you are creative. You can use granite to make pen holders, paperweights, book stands and plenty more around the office. Even adding accents of granite around like office on small side tables, magazine tables in the waiting room, or even shelving! All of these things can be a great way to encompass granite into your design while also still be classy and chic.

Granite is one of the most popular materials to work with because every stone tends to be different. They are very similar that are alike, because they are naturally created by the earth, not manufactured. The coloring and movement within the stone are so unique and one of a kind it makes having granite incorporated into your space more special. Granite comes in several different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Granite is also imported from other countries such as Brazil, Italy, and India which also makes it as if you have a piece of another country within your office. With the use of your imagination and our of the granite yard, your next project will be set in stone in no time!