Using granite in the kitchen has staying power with its growing popularity and versatility. It is currently one of the top design trends chosen by homeowners, home builders, and designers. Because of the everlasting beauty, durability, and longevity- if you ever replace your granite countertops it will because you want to, not because you had to.  In the post below, we will outline some Ideas for granite in the kitchen that may help you take the first step in upgrading your kitchen space!

Granite was used in ancient times and outlasted most of the buildings it was put into. In these times, granite was commonly used in the actual construction of buildings and even pyramids. Today granite has so many uses, that it takes time and planning to decide where to utilize it in your home.  

Here are some ideas for granite in the kitchen that anyone can use no matter their current kitchen’s size:

Breakfast Bar

As we all know, everyone gathers in the kitchen, whether it is a quiet night at home with the family or you are entertaining. There always seems to be a seating shortage, despite diligent planning. Incorporating a granite breakfast bar into your kitchen will offer even more additional impromptu seating. Most of us are familiar with bar seating at the end of an island. However, with some creativity there are several ways to integrate a breakfast bar into your kitchen floorplan.  

For instance, if you have a smaller sized kitchen with little to no available open space, consider putting a granite breakfast bar along a wall. Again, this is a size-friendly option because it can be built for a couple of seats for as many as the wall can fit.  

If you already have an island that you are unable to extend or that you would like to keep open, look at possibly re-designing a side counter that would incorporate usable counterspace along with seating.  

Either of these will be a welcome addition to your kitchen and its functionality.  You can also be creative with multiple granite surfaces and decide whether to match them or contrast them.

Minimally Modern

If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you may be wanting to go for a clean and sleek look of minimalist modern. Many of the design trends that offer this appearance have large islands that are free of sinks, cooktops, or seating. A minimalist modern kitchen is quite simple, but extremely elegant. It usually just incorporates the structural necessities as far as cabinets and countertops go with the common large kitchen appliances. This can be a real chance for your granite selection to shine as it may be the main focal point of your kitchen.  

Double Decker Countertop

Many people look for ways to may their kitchen more unique than their granite does by adding height along with multi-level surfaces. These are also often referred to as a two-tiered island. If you have a large or small kitchen this design idea can be merged. These multi-level countertops can be added on a leg of your countertop that as the sink or cooktop on one side an open area that does not butt up to a wall on another. The open side can be left open, or pub level seating can be added. This can allow family or friends to visit with the cook while they are prepping food, cooking, or cleaning up.

Outdoor Kitchens

Don’t be mistaken! Outdoor kitchens are not only for oversized homes or mansions. If you love to cook, then bring your kitchen outdoors. Again, whether you have a large patio or deck or not, any size of outdoor kitchen can be installed. Granite is the best choice for this application because of its durability and resistance to the elements. Also, because outdoor kitchens with granite countertops are highly-desirable, they will add instant value to your home as well.  

These are only a few of the Ideas for Granite in the Kitchen! Browse websites, magazines, and portfolios to get other ideas. You will not only be adding to the beauty and statement of your home, but you will be increasing its functionality! If you would like to talk to a specialists regarding the addition of granite to your kitchen, give us a call! We would love to chat with you in an attempt to get your creative juices flowing.