Your kitchen is probably the busiest spot in your house, so what happens when things start to feel stale and closed-in? You might consider doing a kitchen remodel to enhance the whole space, but if time and money are tight, there are some simple steps you can take to improve your countertop’s looks.

1. Declutter

Probably the first and best thing that you can do to improve your Denver granite countertops is to get rid of some of the extra stuff sitting on top of them. You might be surprised by how much more open your kitchen feels when the toaster and stand mixer reside in the cupboard instead of out in the open.

Decluttering is hard to do because it forces you to evaluate which kitchen gadgets are essential. Is that avocado pitter or mango slicer worth the amount of space it takes up in the drawer, or could a smaller, multi-functional paring knife do the same work just as easily? Do you really need 16 different knives in your countertop knife block, or could you whittle the selection down to the couple you use regularly and get rid of the rest? One easy question to ask yourself is if a kitchen tool is single purpose or multi-purpose. Some single-purpose tools are necessary, but for the most part, multi-purpose tools provide a better alternative and take up less space.

The easiest way to get into the decluttering mindset is to ask yourself if you truly use each item and if it is essential to your happiness in the kitchen. If the answer is a flat no or a hesitant, “Well, maybe I’ll need it someday….” get rid of it! Similarly, if you eat Chinese food once a year, you don’t need eight sets of chopsticks, and for Pete’s sake, throw out all 852 packets of Taco Bell Fire sauce! Getting rid of clutter in your kitchen is not only mentally liberating, but it also frees up space for things that are sitting on your countertops. Once you have more countertop space, you’ll find that you enjoy your kitchen space even more than you did before.

2. Freshen Up

Once you’ve decluttered your kitchen countertops, the next step is to freshen everything up. Move any remaining appliances out of the way, and give your countertops a good scrub and buff. Apply a safe granite cleaner, and do a water test to see if you need to reseal your countertops. Once everything is cleaned, sealed, and buffed, you may want to apply a coat of granite polish to make the whole space shine. If you have questions about which products to use, contact our granite fabricator in Denver for some suggestions. When everything is cleaned up, replace any appliances and get ready for the next step to upgrading your space.

3. Be Purposeful

At this point, you should be working with a fairly clean slate, so now the real work begins: being purposeful in your decorating. There are a lot of really neat space-saving solutions out there that keep your kitchen tools organized, attractive, and within arm’s reach. Look for things like a utensil holder that has a split compartment for knives or nesting cutting boards that tuck away to almost nothing. Whatever you do, make sure that the function is as apparent as the form.

Some good ideas for purposeful countertop planning include:

  • Use decorative baskets or containers to hold non-refrigerated foods like fruits, vegetables, or bread.
  • Organize your kitchen staples in similar containers so that everything appears cohesive. If you can, get containers that are see-through and easy to label.
  • Make a multi-purpose catch-all that is attractive and functional. Tired of looking at charging cables and tablets sitting out on your countertop? Find (or make!) a box to hold notebooks, pens, tablets, and cords in a way that keeps them organized and out of sight.

4. Add Some Color

Neutral-colored countertops like colonial white granite are far more common than colorful varieties like golden jade or iron red granite, so you may need to work a little harder to add color to your kitchen. Including subtle hints of color around your kitchen can liven up the whole space without making things feel too closed-in. Here are a few ideas for incorporating subtle, functional color around your kitchen:

  • Hang up some easy-to-change picture frames for putting your kids’ artwork on display.
  • Find a cute container to grow some fresh herbs. The herbs will freshen up the air in your kitchen, smell amazing, and add depth to your cooking – it’s a win-win-win!
  • Display your colorful cookbooks.
  • Set out a small vase of fresh or silk flowers.

Sprucing up your kitchen countertops can take a little time and thought, but it is definitely worth the effort. Having a fresh and functional kitchen space where you feel comfortable trying new recipes, eating good food with friends and family, and helping your kids with those last-minute science projects is meaningful on so many levels.