Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home

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Granite Buying Made Simple

Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home   Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home

Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home   Incorporating Granite Walls In Your Home

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At the beginning of the century, polished finishes were the idealized style in new homes. Now, brick, concrete, and stone are making a comeback. Stone walls add character and are versatile, becoming part of your home’s farmhouse, rustic, traditional, Mediterranean, or contemporary style. Granite can be an excellent choice for your natural stone wall, due to its durability and high-quality looks.

Why Install Granite Walls?

Because of its durability, granite has been a favorite for backsplashes, vanity tops, and kitchen worktops. But, it also is an excellent choice for the visual impact of a natural stone wall. When properly sealed, it’s resistant to water, stains, and scratches, making it the ideal choice for shower walls.

1. Durable Surface: Granite is one of the hardest and most durable natural stones. When cared for properly, it’s impervious to liquids, staining, and scratches. Once incorporated into your home, it will outlast the majority of your home without breaking.

2. Polished Look: Walls made of granite are rarer than brick, so it brings a classic elegance to any room. Due to the wide variety of colors and styles, you can incorporate a pattern that complements your current room’s decor.

3. Easy Maintenance: On average, you will need to seal your granite about once a year. However, that is becoming more simple. You can now find many sealers in spray bottles to seal your walls. You will want to dust regularly and use a washcloth with some warm water to clean up messes. Granite is an ideal choice for your bathroom as it helps prevent bacterial growth, cutting down on the deep cleaning bathrooms require.

Denver Granite Slab or Wall Tiles?

While both tiles or a slab will positively impact your space, there are a few variations in style that you may not have considered. If you want a striking look, a granite slab will have a stunning impact as an accent or shower wall. A large slab, especially in darker colors, can be overwhelming. Having bright lights or skylights already in place may help you decide on placement. With tiles, you can incorporate more design and texture into your wall. However, the seams may not be ideal in a steamy bathroom setting.

How Will a Granite Wall Fit With Your Style?

● Be prepared for a slight change: Incorporating a large stone wall can be a big adjustment to your room’s style. You may want to switch out the light fixtures for a more classic look. Bringing in wood elements such as ceiling beams or shelving could tie the natural look together. In the bathroom, you might want to switch out your fixtures. Allow for a slight change in your overall style and ambiance to revamp your room for a new feel.

● You can always start small: You may want to start with a smaller stone wall if you are a more tentative decorator. The easiest place to do this is by converting your fireplace to a classic stone design in your living room or bedroom to see if you want to expand to more natural stone indoors.

● Granite will add contrast: Granite blends with brick and metals with ease in a more industrial setting. Granite can be a shocking contrast if your space is more rustic or has a farmhouse feel. Pair it with wood to stay in line with the earthy feel, and it will add some textural charm.

● Color choice makes a difference: Granite can subtract from a contemporary environment if it’s not correctly incorporated. You want to keep the rest of your room modern compared to your granite wall. Make sure the color and pattern you have chosen complement the neutral color palette already present. For example, White Ice or Colonial White granite works well with neutral colors. Counterintuitively, exposed natural stone can add to modernity with its original textural charm when incorporated thoughtfully.

● It can bring the outdoors in: You have decided you want to incorporate a granite wall, but you haven’t found the perfect spot yet. You can create an exterior stone wall that continues inside your house. It ties together your overall look for a more cohesive design.

● Granite can add extra protection: Having the granite inside your home on an exterior wall can protect it from weather extremities, cracks, and other damage. It provides additional insulation from heat and noise inside your home.

Whether you are looking for a smaller accent wall of tiles or a large statement slab, granite will add functionality and beauty to your home. Other stones may have more style appeal initially, but they cannot withstand water and other elements like granite can. Granite has the versatility to be incorporated into your home, whatever your style, making your hardest decision not what material to use but which granite to choose.