Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home

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Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home   Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home

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Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home

Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home   Interesting Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home

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We get it: you crave the look of granite, but you aren’t quite ready to redo your kitchen or bathroom. So what can you do? Granite is a highly versatile natural stone that can be much more than just a countertop. It can beautify just about any room in your home, and if you need some creative ways to incorporate granite, here are just a few:

Around the House


There are so many different types and colors of granite out there, but the vast majority of people choose somewhat neutral patterns and colors so that their granite countertops easily match other areas in their home. That’s not to say that neutral colors of granite aren’t beautiful, of course! We’re just saying that some colors of granite are begging the world to be showcased as artwork. Iron red granite almost looks like swirls of lava slowly moving down a mountain, while lapis granite is bright blue with grey and white veining that is reminiscent of the ocean. Either of these granites would look gorgeous mounted to the wall as a statement piece in your living area.

You could also create your own artwork by using small pieces of different colors of granite to make a mosaic. Mosaics have been popular for thousands of years, and they are easy enough to assemble on your own. A granite mosaic would look amazing on a patio wall, around the grill, or as a small trivet for the dining table. If you can’t find granite chips, consider asking your granite supplier for pieces they have lying around the shop.


Granite also works well surrounding your fireplace, either in slab form or as ledgerstone. It is heat-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and frankly, looks amazing.


If you have load-bearing columns around your house that need a makeover, a granite veneer is the way to go. Wrapping your existing columns is classy, elegant, and will withstand daily abuse and the tests of time.


A penholder is a fantastic way to use up large, leftover chunks of granite. This idea is so cool and functional, but you’ll likely need some help from a granite fabricator to do it. All you need to do is drill out 1” diameter holes into a 4” block of granite, and voila! You have an interesting conversation piece that holds your best pens and acts as a paperweight.


Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is the ideal solution for keeping your condiments, cutlery, and napkins within everyone’s reach. Your local granite installer will be able to cut out and polish a lazy Susan top, and there are easy-to-assemble DIY lazy Susan kits available online and at many hardware or hobby stores.

Island or Tabletop

If you want to incorporate the beauty of granite but don’t want to take the plunge and redo all of your countertops, upgrading your island or tabletop is a good option. A granite island or tabletop will give you a sturdy, long-lasting workspace that is elegant and functional at a portion of the price of redoing your whole kitchen.


Granite is one of the most heat-resistant natural stones on the market, but you should still always use a trivet when you put down hot pots or pans. Laying hot materials on your granite won’t necessarily discolor or melt the surface the way hot items might on other countertop materials, but it could weaken the seams or cause cracking or chipping. If you still want the elegant look of granite in your kitchen, you could ask your granite fabricator to polish some trivet-sized squares of granite for you to use in your kitchen. These trivets will be durable, heat-resistant, and incredibly functional, all while showcasing granite’s natural beauty.

Serving Tray or Pastry Board

Granite makes a great serving tray or pastry board because you can keep your slab in the refrigerator, and it will stay cold for quite a while out of the fridge. The chilled granite keeps the butter from melting on the countertop when you are making puff pastry, and it can also function as a charcuterie board that keeps your meats and cheeses cold long after you put them out.


Granite is always lovely in the shower or as a countertop, but it can also make a very nice, decorative accent piece that holds bathroom supplies. Small, polished granite bowls are ideal for holding rolled towels, soap, washcloths, and other toiletries.


The outdoors sometimes gets glossed over when people want to use granite, but granite can dress up nearly every outdoor area. It works exceptionally well in an outdoor eating area and as a grill surround. Crushed granite also works really well in landscaping and can add that little bit of glitter and shine to your property. Of course, you can install a highly polished granite memorial stone to honor the life of a loved one.

Granite will always have a place as a kitchen or bathroom countertop, but there are a lot of other ways it can spruce up your home. From decorative toiletry holders to fireplace surrounds and lazy Susans, granite can enhance any existing décor and design aesthetic.