The restaurant and eatery industry is not just about the food anymore. One of the factors that has become essential to attracting foodies and food connoisseurs to various establishments is ambiance and visual aesthetics. Over the past few decades restaurants new and old started putting in granite countertops. Many modern restaurant designs of today have an “open kitchen” concept where customers can see right into the kitchen from their table. This has prompted the need for more intricate interior design, begging the question: what is the best stone for commercial countertops?

Gone are the days of the stainless-steel food prep counter! Designers are now opting for granite countertops and other stone to satisfy visual aesthetics. 

The average homeowner knows how much daily wear and tear that their granite countertops take. Multiply this by the thousands and that is the typical commercial kitchen is bombarded with during every meal service!

Our Picks Regarding the Best Stone for Commercial Countertops

Granite countertops and other stone materials are proving to be the best choice for restaurants with “open kitchens” and contemporary vibes that are seeking out the best stone for commercial countertops. 

Granite Countertops:

Today commercial granite countertops are the most economical as the price of granite has drastically reduced over the past decade. Since granite countertops can endure heat, can stand up to scrapes and scratches, and is virtually stain resistant eatery owners are taking this route.

Quartzite Countertops:

Some business owners are skipping the granite countertops and going straight to quartzite! Why? Quartzite is 100% non-porous meaning that it is completely void of all bacteria. With tainted food being one of the leading causes of restaurants to fail, owners and chefs are not taking any risks. 

Quartzite is also just as beautiful as granite and can really spice up any restaurant décor!

Marble Countertops:

Although marble countertops are not recommended for high traffic food prep areas it can be a beautiful addition to a bar or dry waiter station. 

If honed correctly marble can be protected from etching and staining. Bakers particularly love marble because it tends to stay cooler than other stone material. 

When it comes to bars, restaurants, and eateries there are many countertop materials that are reliable and durable. However, when it comes to visual aesthetics granite countertops are hands down the best stone for commercial countertops!