It is amazing when you think about the daily wear and tear that your kitchen countertops go through.  They are exposed to heat and cold, knives, spills, pots and pans, casserole dishes, and even grocery bags.   Often times, Quartz gets overlooked as a viable countertop option because of the misconception that it is not as resistant to damage as granite.  Unfortunately, there are many ways to harm a stone countertop.  Heat resistance is a common concern for homeowners when they are selecting a countertop.  Here is a quick overview of Quartz and it ability to take the heat. 

Is quartz heat resistant?


What is Quartz?

For those of you that are not familiar with Quartz, it is a man-made material.  Although it is not a naturally occurring product, it can be just as beautiful as granite.  All manufacturers use the same machinery to create the quartz slabs, but each have their own chemical compositions.  The main differences in quartz are the unique color palettes.  Unlike natural stones, these slabs can have beautiful reds and blues not found in nature.  To get its various colors the quartz is combined with different coloring agents.  Although it is not natural it is still one of the most durable stones available.

Quartz and Heat Resistance

Overall, quartz can withstand the same degree of heat that granite can.  However, the resin that is used to make quartz is not so resistant to heat.  When purchasing quartz, it is important to check with each individual manufacturer because the amount of resin used varies.  On average, despite the differences quartz can handle 150 degrees. So, is quartz heat resistant?

is quartz heat resistant?

Despite this resilience, it is important to understand the difference between heat resistance and heat-proof.  To prevent any damage from heat, manufacturers recommend using trivets with all hot pans and dishes.

Rest assured, a quartz countertop can also withstand heat generated from hot taps and steaming pots.  Unlike other forms of heat, steam does not cause discoloration.  Overall, quartz does not fade under any condition. And when taken care of properly a quartz countertop will remain beautiful over its lifetime.

Although, Granite Liquidators does not carry Quartz Countertops, we are proud to offer the natural alternative such as Quartzite, Granite and Marble at wholesale pricing to the public. Give us a call to get a quote on your next natural slab purchase!