Buying granite wholesale is the best way to save money on your renovation.

Within the last 5 years, the industry has seen major changes that benefit homeowners and contractors alike. The ability to buy granite wholesale is a recent achievement. An achievement that means lower costs for designers, contractors, fabricators, house flippers, and homeowners. It’s an achievement that should be taken advantage of. Here’s how buying granite wholesale for your next project can benefit you.


All of the benefits of buying granite wholesale:

Wholesale has long been the most cost effective way to purchase anything. It’s almost like buying bulk at a costco or sam’s club. You get quality stuff for less. Your money takes you further, in the world of wholesale.

Traditionally, wholesale wasn’t for the typical customer. It was for shop owners and big businesses. The deals associated weren’t made public, and they certainly weren’t given out retail.

Things have changed.

So, what’s the first benefit of this change?

buying granite wholesale

Upfront pricing

Upfront pricing means that you know exactly what you are getting, and at exactly what cost. This means no hidden fees that you find at the end of the sales pitch, or at the bottom of a contract, or when you’re ready to pay. You’ll know what costs you’re facing right from the beginning.

This gives you the upper-hand. It allows you to stay on budget. It provides security in your purchases and your decisions.

A renovation is difficult enough, and we want to make it easier.

Fabricators separate

While it is possible that the place you purchase your granite is also the place that will fabricate and install your granite, but it is not always the case.

When buying granite wholesale, you have the ability to choose your fabricator. This gives you leverage because you can find the best price for your project. Or find someone who specializes in whatever type of edging you want. When the choice is placed in the consumer’s hands, they have the power- YOU have the power.

One stop shops and big box stores will often have an in- house fabricator that tends to charge more and have certain limitations on the services they provide.

With a wholesale shop, we recommend fabricators, but you choose which one best suits you and your budget.

buying granite wholesale

Middle man cut out= lowest prices possible

The middlemen are cut out of the process, meaning all of the granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx is imported directly from quarries around the world.

This means the stones come directly from the quarries. No storage at a warehouse. No switching shipping containers. No moving from one store to another. Just quarry to us. You’d be surprised how much this saves our customers.

By cutting out the steps it takes to get natural stones from quarries into homes, the price is drastically reduced.

Hand selected stones

All stones are hand- selected by us! We visit our quarries regularly to prepare shipments and select our stones. What we are looking for is quality, variety, and the best possible negotiated price for our customers.


If you’d like to take a look at our inventory, you can visit our yard during business hours. You can also ask about our inventory, get a free quote, or schedule an appointment by calling: 877-789-0489.