No, we’re not talking about the Conejos River Valley or Oprah’s house in Telluride, but something closer to  home for us: granite. And while this may not be enameled lava, we think you’ll like Lumix granite just as much.

Part of granite’s allure is its seemingly endless variation in patterns and colors. But with the booming housing market in Colorado, these variations in pattern and color are bound to lose their luster. However timeless and beautiful that they are, there can only be so many Santa Cecilias and  Supreme Whites.

That’s why we are happy to announce that we will be importing our first bundle of Lumix granite to the great state of Colorado!

Lumix granite slab close up

Lumix granite is the perfect stone for those of you out there looking to complete your dream kitchen with something that not many others have.

Lumix is a primarily white stone that has extensive, gorgeous veining that will set your kitchen or bathroom apart–especially when they are backlit with LED lights!

Although dependent on the characteristics of the mountain, Lumix granite usually has accents of gold and sunburnt orange with black veining. This color combination creates a seductively warm glow when completely lit from underneath.

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you flick a switch and illuminate their lives!


Lumix looks great not matter if it’s lit or not. We really like what this Atlanta homeowner did with her elegant, modern kitchen. She combined Lumix granite with Absolute Black to create a brilliant ebony and ivory appeal.

So whether you’re making it the focal point of your kitchen, or just adding illuminated detail throughout your home, Lumix granite is sure to be a head turner in Colorado. Especially while not many people have it!
So mark your calendar because July 1st, 2016 is the day that our first containers arrive.
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