In this blog, we will be looking at marble in depth. What is marble? When homeowners think marble, they think whites with hints of delicate gray. While this is the case for some marbles, others can be very intricate and detailed with their appearance. We carry a select few options when it comes to marble, however we have a variety of simple bright whites and the darker more unique versions of marble. Granite is normally pricier when it comes to stones, whereas marble is the median priced stone. With marble, you still get the same design worthy look but without the extremely high price tag. Marble is a great alternative countertop for any home regardless of style, wants and needs. The only big difference between marble and granite is the surface look. The look is normally very smooth and simple with a touch of elegance.


This marble is among the very rare look of marble, so much so that many don’t think it is marble right off the bat. This marble is full of greys and blacks of all shades that look incredible in any room with light or dark accents. Starting off at $1,999, it is among the higher priced stones, but it is versatile in the way of being able to design around it and making it fit in with any design look.

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown looks more like the stereotype of marble that people have of marble, but still has a uniqueness to it. This stone appears as if someone took the natural traditional marble and painted streaks of browns and blacks on the surface. Also, pricing comes in at $1,999 and this stone pairs well with dark cabinets and metal accents. When paired with darker décor, it will become the centerpiece of the room.


Have you ever seen a piece of stone cut straight down the center? Did you notice the layers of colors and variation of movement? That is exactly how this stone appears. This stone, along with the above ones, have very natural colorations with hints of dark that make it unique to the marble family. At $1,799, this stone is perfect for anyone looking for a unique design that looks natural to Earth.


Now that we have talked about the outsiders to marble, let’s get back to traditional marble. This marble is purely white with hints of very light tan which is more along the lines of marble that most people think about. Pegasus is snow white with striates of very light tans that give it its pattern and movement that sets it aside from other stones like it. Priced at $1,399, this marble is among the more affordable options for your home renovation.

Supreme White

This duel finished slab of marble follows the characteristics of traditional marble, along with some coloration that makes it hard to identify as marble. Supreme White appears as if someone took a mixture of white and black resin and didn’t finish mixing it, leaving hints of white and black swirls across the whole slab. This slab, along with the others, is priced at $1399 and is very adaptable with light and dark colors.

White Cloud

This stone is the ultimate marble masterpiece, looking just like traditional marble with its bright crisp whites and light swipes of accent colors. White Cloud is perfect for any kitchen that needs a sense of light and warmth to a room at one time. With dark cabinets, the lighter the countertop the more contrast a room has- which is the goal. This marble is $1,399 a slab and is ideal for any client looking for a traditional, simple, and clean slab that follows their décor that is existing.

All of the stones above are our entire marble selection. We promise it doesn’t do them justice until you see them in person and imagine them in your home. With our variety in colorations, patterns, and pricing- we guarantee you will find a slab that fits the design of your home perfectly. If you aren’t sure whether marble is the best for your home, give us a call or come visit and our stone specialist can go over the options with you and help you decide which stone is the best fit for you. Between marble, granite, quartzite and dolomite, we’ve got you covered!