Whether you have a bachelor pad, are the cooking master of the home, or are just looking for a more unique style and look, a masculine kitchen might be the design for you. A lot of kitchen designs that you see daily in magazines and tv have a very delicate and feminine look to them. Unfortunately, this feeling comes with the appearance of stone, marble, and white colors. However, you can make a kitchen more masculine by adding a few simple accents and changing up the main focal colors. The first step to making your kitchen design masculine is deciding what key factors are the most important to you and what you consider masculine. 

Typically, darker colors like grey, black, and sometimes blue are very strong colors of endurance and are great to use in a kitchen. Accent décor is a big contender in this design along with the style of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and appliances. 

The Colors 

In your kitchen, you can have paint color, cabinet color, stone color, flooring, and additional décor that you have to consider a color scheme for. When you think of masculine design, what do you think of? The color black, grey, and blue. These colors, as we mentioned, are great for a kitchen because they are neutral and easy to work with especially when it comes to pairing stone. 


Choosing a stone, no matter what the style of your kitchen is can be tricky. You’ll want to pick a cabinet color first, so you know what colors you have to work with. The great thing about stone is that it is versatile so you can make just about any color or type of stone match a feminine or masculine design. Marble is a great option if you’re looking to add some light coloring into a dark kitchen. Of course, other types of stone are great too as long as you see the full slab for yourself and are sure the cabinetry and stone will flow together. 

Added Décor 

In your kitchen, you will have things like centerpieces, vases, utensils, and smaller appliances that sit out on the counter. You want to take these objects into consideration because they enhance the look of your kitchen. You want to choose appliances that are all similar in color whether that’s black, grey, or stainless steel so it all matches and flows. As far as utensils and other kitchen pieces, choose what you are drawn too and what you feel makes the room feel masculine. 


The great thing about appliances is they are so versatile and can go with every kitchen no matter what the style of it is. Choose whatever you want when it comes to this because your appliances will flow with your kitchen whether it is masculine, feminine, or neutrally styled. 

Your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time and make memories with your family. You want the design of your kitchen to reflect your style and personality while also flowing with the rest of your home. Take into consideration the little things that make your kitchen functional but also keep it in style with your needs and wants. 

Here at Granite Liquidators, we have a wide variety of stones that you can browse and choose the right stone for your specific motif. We can work with budgets and specific needs so you can enjoy the renovation process and feel less stressed. Give us a call today and our stone specialist would be happy to sit down and help you design the kitchen of your dreams whether it’s masculine or feminine.