Even in today’s contemporary world, vintage design is still quite popular. The kitchen tends to be one of the most common rooms in the house who’s owners still want to give the vintage look. Despite what many people think you can go vintage and still install modern granite countertops! You can easily incorporate a granite countertop into your nostalgic aesthetics!

Here are some techniques that you can successfully apply on your own, without an interior decorator, when choosing your granite countertop.

Modern Granite Countertops Colors and Patterns

If you love granite countertops you probably drawn to its timelessness like everyone else. Although modern granite countertops are very distinct depending on what colors and patterns you choose, they can easily change with your taste and décor.


Modern Granite countertops are available in many signature colors that scream vintage. For instance, you will find that there are a wide variety of granite countertop options that have rose hues. Whether you prefer a rose toned foundation or simply veins and highlights of rose there is a granite countertop out there for you!


When it comes to the pattern you will want to choose a larger pattern with wide sprawling movements.

If you choose a tighter busier pattern you will find that your granite countertop will give your vintage vibe a more country feel.

Select The Right Finish For The Edging

To truly reflect a touch of elegance from the past a beveled edge is the way to go for your granite countertop. With the beveled cut the edge appears to face downward bringing the eye straight to the surface of the granite countertop. If you have selected a rose toned granite countertop there will be no mistaking your décor for anything but vintage.

Add Vintage Details

Once you have selected and designed your granite countertop with vintage style in mind, shop around for striking vintage additions. Highlight your vintage looking granite countertop with faucets and cabinet hardware that really compliment it.

Stay away from contemporary designs or these little additions will change the whole vintage scheme of your granite countertop.

Remember that versatility is the key to successful vintage home décor. Since vintage simply means “from an earlier era” you can really make your modern granite countertop work any of the millions of ideas that you can find on the internet and in magazines.

Always choose your granite countertop first and work your other vintage décor around that. It is a good idea to wait to purchase everything else until after your granite countertop has been installed. Even if you install the exact granite countertop slab that you saw in the granite yard it will look different once it is in your home. The colors and highlights in granite countertops tend to reflect and change with surrounding décor.

As you can see you can achieve a vintage ambiance and still enjoy the luxury of a granite countertop.