A backsplash does wonders for the functionality and design of a kitchen. In today’s day and age, the backsplash options for your spaces are endless and any look you are hoping for can certainly be achieved. The increasingly popular trend of slab backsplashes has a multitude of benefits and looks great in any kitchen in need of detail and elegance. 

Full-height slab backsplashes are often continuations of the existing countertops up the wall before meeting the kitchen’s cabinetry. They’re great for making spaces feel larger and more luxurious. As with natural stone countertops, slab backsplashes require little upkeep and give your kitchen a unique and bold look like no other. If you’re in need of more personality and distinction in your home, slab backsplashes can also be different than the existing stone in the kitchen. Make a statement with an intricate quartzite backsplash to match your white marble, or even install a granite backsplash for your existing concrete surfaces. There’s truly no limit to the possibilities of design and performance for your spaces. 


One of the biggest benefits of slab backsplashes is the flow that these materials create throughout a space. The continuous, unbroken plane of these backsplashes generates a particularly minimalist look in a kitchen. This look, coupled with the patterns and texture of your chosen stone, is a recipe for a traditional and classy look. The combination of conventional elements with hints of modernism is an incredibly popular trend among homeowners and designers today. 


This seamless design also ensures that fewer dirt and food particles build-up over time. With a quick wipe every once in a while, all of your slab surfaces should be good to go for years. Oftentimes with tile or ledgestone backsplashes, dust and other residue can get caught in the crevices. This makes cleaning much more involved and can cause issues down the road in terms of dirt build-up. 

Cooking with a slab backsplash has never been cleaner. Any liquid or food splashes onto the wall when cooking can easily be wiped up without any problems. Slabs tend to be shiny most of the time, so even if your kitchen may actually be dirty, we’re sure that your surfaces will always look clean and good as new. If you’re a neat freak and obsessed with having a clean home, slab backsplashes may be just what you’re looking for. 


A huge benefit of slab backsplashes that often gets overlooked is its ability to resist heat and most damage from everyday life. Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in any home. Life happens, and it’s best to think ahead and prevent as many mishaps as possible. Natural stone is notorious for its durability and ability to combat harsh elements like heat. For areas such as behind a stove or close to an appliance that gets especially hot, slab backsplashes can easily take the heat. Other backsplashes or plain walls will undeniably show signs of damage after coming in contact with such things. 

Custom, Bold Look

Regardless of your reason for installing a slab backsplash, it will definitely be a point of interest and personality for your kitchen. Both trendy and practical, a full-height slab backsplash will elevate the aesthetic of your home instantly. Although an eye-catching and bold look, these backsplashes have the ability to be customized for as much or as little detail as you so choose. A slab that has a very monochrome hue or little pattern across its surface may be a good way of achieving elegance in your kitchen without it overwhelming your space. 

For homes that are open concept, a slab backsplash will draw interest from any point throughout your living spaces. You’ll be able to see the luxurious design from farther away and enjoy the natural flow throughout your home. For smaller spaces, slab backsplashes can elongate the depth of your kitchen and bring about a spacious and open feel that can’t be attained with other ordinary backsplashes. 

At Granite Liquidators, we have an abundance of quality granite, marble, and quartzite slabs available directly from the top quarries across the world. Display beautiful, natural materials in your home today. It’s never too late to make the switch to a more functional and good-looking backsplash, and we have the materials to make this dream become a reality!