TVL stands for ‘This Visionary Life’, which is embodied by the company in every sense. It’s what they bring to the table and what they strive for in every single project: vision, unmatched creativity, and an unbridled sense of passion for our work. TVL Creative is an award-winning, multi-disciplined design firm that offers impactful Denver interior design and remodeling services for residential and commercial spaces. We had the chance to speak with Faris Spinosi to discuss how they got started, what they specialize in and their hopes for the future.

denver interior design

Denver Interior Design

GL: Thanks so much for your time! We are so excited to learn more about TVL Creative. Can you tell us the story of how you got started?

TVL: So TVL Creative was founded in 2013 by Crystal Russell, a native of Colorado. Crystal and I met while studying interior design at Philadelphia University, now Jefferson University. At first, Crystal and I were what you would call “frenemies”, but we quickly became close friends.  We went our separate ways after college because of the job recession and did a bunch of other things. We  would eventually come back together though, when Crystal moved back to Denver and decided to start a company with the economy coming back around. She was told to give it five years before it picked up and she got enough jobs, but within a week of our website launching she quit her job because we were so busy. Crystal kept telling me how well things were going and about the huge need in the Denver market, so I bought a one way ticket from Philadelphia to Denver to join the TVL team! We brought on Ashley Christiansen in 2013 and just hired our 4th designer last summer.

GL: Wow-That’s an amazing story to start this company- really a story in the works since college! What services do you offer now?

TVL: Our bread and butter is residential home remodel. We also do kitchens, master baths and suites, and full home remodels. We’re also available for consultation services for people who need a little help, but want to do the work on their own. We’re really pushing into the commercial world with office renovations, improvement services, regional restaurants and hospitality. Currently, we are about 80% residential and 20% commercial. We have a list of preferred contractors that we work with depending on the size of the remodel, budget and scope size.

GL: Sounds like you’re very busy! What would you say your style is that you typically center your projects around?

TVL: We pride ourselves on embracing the client’s aesthetic and not projecting our own into them. It’s their home and their space. We aim to embrace their design direction and create an environment that promotes their well being and quality of life.

GL: That’s a good route to take. What kind of questions do your clients usually ask before starting a project?

TVL: Normally they ask how long it will take and what it will cost. Some of them want to know what is even possible. They might have an idea or dream of what they want but they don’t know what they can and cannot do within their budget. At that point, we show them the possibilities and what could be if they rethink all of what is. We specialize in photo realistic rendering and use high tech programs that answers questions that they might not even have or can’t articulate. We find that photos are so powerful, and are often better than speaking about design. It helps to start the design dialogue and helps us make sure we got close to their dream or if we missed the mark.

denver interior designGL: What do you like most about working in this industry?

TVL: I come from family of architects. My grandfather wanted to be artist, so I was exposed to lots of art, drawing and painting growing up. I have always thrived working in studio and love working with people to help achieve their vision and goals. It’s one of the most exciting and sometimes hardest things that our clients will take on because it disrupts home and daily life while we are in construction mode. I love advocating for their project and making their dreams happen.

GL: What is your favorite part about living in Colorado?

TVL: I love going to the hot springs, because I don’t really ski or snowboard. My favorite is to go to Mt. Princeton and get in the river. It’s better to go during the week, so it’s less crowded and more peaceful.

GL: What are you goals for your business?

TVL: This year we are working towards expanding and growing. We want to get another designer and have team of 6. Ideally, we don’t want to be too big, but we want to take on more projects and have great team. We are really hoping to get published and become a known name in the Denver design scene. We regularly go to events and people don’t know the TVL name, so we are hoping to change that with more networking events so we can have a large database of partners.

Our company was founded on the idea that design should be accessible for many, just not the elite. We hope to bring design to the mid range clients, who may not be serviced normally. We are dedicated to investing in remodeling done the right way.

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If you’re looking to start a home remodeling project, office revamp or just need some consultation- give TVL Creative a call at (303) 242-3184, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!