There is a growing trend in kitchen renovation.


More and more homeowners are looking to the past for inspiration for their kitchen renovation. Reinvigorating their kitchens for an old world and vintage feel for a truly unique look. One that mergers the character of old homes, with the fresh face of the new age. Kitchen countertops are moving towards stone as the price of granite and like materials goes down. People are choosing a mixture of wood and brass decor, accents, and fixtures.

That old world kitchen is coming back to life, and it is causing some major swoon all over the internet.

Gone are the days of plain and functional kitchens. Homeowners want to live in their space, not just occupy it. We want to feel comfortable and invited. We want our homes and especially our kitchens, to have more personality. Yes, gone are the days of plain. We want the extraordinary, and with this new trend in kitchen design and style, you’ll find plenty of it.

Here are a few ways to achieve the look:

Antique Meets Modern

The old world feel in this kitchen comes from the molding, the open shelves, slate black granite countertops, and vintage accessories. Those antique cutting boards and brass dishes blend seemlessly with the theme of this kitchen. It’s a unique look that isn’t complicated, but gives the space a more lived in feel. Just like that old couch from college… eh, maybe not the best comparison.

kitchen renovation



We included this because of the blend in materials. Without the chandelier and the extravagant bohemian table in the center and that gorgeous rug, this is just another plain kitchen. Adding items that really stand out can dramatically change the space and add more of a personal touch. What’s great about this is that the piece is removable, so you can take it with you if or when you move and the following homeowner will be able to add their own touches to the space. I call this old world bohemian because the table has all the characteristics of that bohemian style most people love, but has a rustic look to it as well. And that chandelier screams vintage. Love it.

kitchen renovation


Original Pieces

Have you ever been watching a home or kitchen renovation show and the designers completely gut the original characters of the home? They rip out the built ins and cover the brick fireplace in white paint… or worse, they tile over it… If you have things like built in shelves, or drawers, please keep them. Just reinvigorate them. Those are details that are incredibly difficult to find in newly built homes and it is such a shame. The craftsmanship is hard fought. You don’t have to go through a major kitchen renovation to achieve the look you’re going for. And look, in this kitchen they made their built ins a focal point of the space, and it pays off entirely.

kitchen renovation


Wood & Stone

There’s nothing better than the perfect mix of rustic looking wood and natural stones like marble. The brass handles and spout add the perfect touch of age in a clearly new kitchen. The antique ladder above pays homage to the days of the craftsman. Lively plants give the image that our history is still alive and well, but now displayed as art. It doesn’t take a major kitchen renovation to accomplish this look either.

kitchen renovation

Light & Dark

This kitchen is everything! Large windows, and incredible skylight, vintage stove that still looks like it can out perform any of today. Treats left on the round wooden table. Candles in their pillars on the dark granite countertops. Open shelves featuring handmade and vintage pots. Brass details. A seamless transition from the old world into the new, holding onto the elements we do so much love about the original kitchen.

kitchen renovation



What is it about the rustic and vintage style that we love? Are we just feeling nostalgic… in the same way that we spend time roaming through antiques at thrift stores and flea markets?

I think there is something fascinating about that world. One where we image things as simpler. I imagine that the rustic and vintage style will always remain because we will always attempt to hold onto something of the past. As we gravitate towards a future where everything comes frozen, pre-bagged, pre-made, and dehydrated- many of us want to hold on to the days of fresh baked bread and cinnamon rolls. We want the days of homemade cakes and fresh meals that come from the garden and farm. We want to hold on to the idea that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and this old world style gives us that life again.


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