Quartzite countertops in Denver are definitely a popular choice among homeowners and designers. While many people may be familiar with the term ‘quartz’, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone while quartz is man-made with chemicals and other additives. Quartzite is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth. You can typically find quartzite in many different countries even from Canada and the United States. When compared to granite, quartzite ranks higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale, with only Corundum and Diamond are being harder than it. Let’s discuss quartzite countertop design trends, some of the benefits of quartzite countertops in Denver, as well as feature some of our most popular quartzite stones. 

Why the Quartzite Countertop Design Trend is So Popular

Scratch and Heat Resistant

Quartzite is a very hard stone that does resist scratching and etching easily. Make sure your quartzite countertop is properly sealed and the spills will not etch if cleaned up quickly. Most natural stone can handle some heat, and quartzite is no different. While you can put hot items on quartzite with a low amount of danger, it’s always a good idea to use a hot pad just to be safe. 

Consistent Color

Quartzite is well known for being UV resistant, so you can be confident that it will keep its original coloring from day one. Some natural stones can fade or being discolored when exposed to direct or constant sunlight, but quartzite is known to stand up to the sun. For this reason, quartzite is an excellent choice to be used in outdoor kitchen application. 

More Durable than its Quartz Counterpart

Like we mentioned before, quartzite and quartz are not the same thing. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone, whereas quartz is a man-made product. People like quartz because of its cheaper price tag and uniform look, but it does not hold up the same as natural stones do. Quartz is not heat and scratch resistant and can be flexible which leads to it chipping often. 

Let’s dive into three of our most popular quartzite countertops that we offer!

1.) – Fusion Quartzite

Fusion Quartzite in Denver is a beautiful stone that has gained the attention of the worldwide market. Originally coming from Brazil, Fusion is highly sought after slabs because of its durability and beauty. Its vibrant color palette of gold, black and grey is seen through the dramatic waves and movement on this stone. No two stones will ever be exactly alike with Fusion Quartzite, so you are making a statement with this stunning stone. When matching cabinets to this stone, the possibilities are endless. Light or dark cabinets would match perfectly, but try to avoid major patterns in the room, so you don’t draw attention away from your masterpiece.

2.) – Giotto Macaubas Quartzite

Giotto Macaubas consists of a beautiful mix of metallic gold and grey undertones across its pearlescent surface. You will also find dark grey veins running in all directions across this slab, which adds to the interest and movement of this beautiful slab. Due to the neutral tone and thin veining of this stone, it would look best matching with a grey or black cabinet.

3.) – Grand Canyon Quartzite

Grand Canyon Quartzite is a beautiful stone with its strong white color and jagged veining. It mimics the rocky wall narrows and crags that descend to the Grand Canyon’s floor. This stone comes from Brazil and is full of movement, while at the same time maintaining the look of a classic white stone. Many people use it for their kitchen countertop and many other indoor and outdoor applications. Its sleek, natural looking pattern can pair with white or natural wood cabinets to truly bring the outdoors in!

Hopefully we have dispelled some of the confusion surrounding quartzite countertops in Denver. We love quartzite countertops because of its resistance to heat and scratches, its durability when compared to quartz and the variety of design options offered through our slabyard. Give us a call to talk to a stone specialist today!