This time of the year is always so exciting at Granite Liquidators. We are anticipating our new shipment of over 630 new stones! As a wholesale to public granite supplier, we are committed to continuously bringing in the best and most sought after stones for our customer base. We recently asked some our Denver Designers what stones would be most helpful for us to have in stock for granite in Denver. We got a lot of response and we hear you. Check out a sneak preview of some of newest stones, arriving any day now!

Granite in Denver

Blue Sand Granite

Granite in Denver

Blue Sand Granite is a light, airy and refreshing stone for those looking for a clean, beautiful option for your bathroom or kitchen. Its speckles of blue, white and tan bring the outdoors in.

Blue Sand Granite is imported from Brazil and is known for its beauty and durability. The flowing colors or blue, white and tan along with natural lines, make this stone come alive. Pair it with light or dark counter tops and a minimal design style. Its flowing pattern makes a true statement piece for any kitchen or bathroom.

Rocky Mountain Granite

Granite in Denver

Rocky Mountain Granite has made a name for itself as being durable, bold and absolutely beautiful. The predominantly grey background creates movement with darker and lighter hues. Because of its slightly darker appearance than other granite slabs, white cabinets would look great with these counter tops.

Rocky Mountain Granite is a stunning stone with natural, flowing movements of different shades of grey and white. This exotic stone also carries hints of white quartz sprinkled throughout. Different slabs will vary from one to the next, but the consistency and flow of the coloring makes it a great choice for larger granite projects with a lot of square footage to cover. The contrast of white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances against this beautiful stone is sincerely a sight to see.

Fusion Granite

Fusion Granite

Fusion Granite is a truly spectacular stone that has captured the attention of the granite market worldwide. Originating in Brazil, Fusion Granite is one of the most highly sought after slabs because of its beauty and durability. Its vivid color palette of black, grey and gold is on display though the dramatic waves and movement on this stone.

Fusion Granite gets its name because it is a fusion of colors and no two stones will ever be exactly alike. When choosing Fusion Granite for your counter tops or bathroom, you are making a statement with this stunning stone.  When matching counter tops to this stone, the possibilities are endless. Because of its multidimensional color, light or dark cabinets would match perfectly. Try to also avoid major patterns in the room, as to not draw attention away from the stunning waves of black, grey and gold.

Granite in Colorado

Since Granite Liquidators operates like a wholesale granite company, we choose our own stones from the quarry. We make sure that you get what you expect. Our long-standing relationship with our suppliers enables us to offer special orders, special patterns, and custom work.

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