Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops

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Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops   Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops

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Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops

Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops   Nine Colors To Consider For Your New Countertops

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Updating your kitchen adds value to your home, but there is no reason to wait until you are ready to sell to update your look. Creating a space where you enjoy carrying out your daily activities is ideal; you find more happiness in entertaining, cooking, and sharing meals with your friends and family.

Countertops are one of the biggest investments in your kitchen, and they are much more permanent than your wall color. A neutral countertop that is versatile can continue to add that touch of luxury and match your kitchen as you make changes for years to come. Read about our top nine neutral colors you should be considering for your granite countertops.

White Isn’t Just Fashionable From Memorial to Labor Day

White granite countertops are popping up everywhere. They are quite popular because they look naturally luxurious and match nearly any cabinet color. Homeowners with pets, kids, or an affinity for red wine may shy away from using white in home decorating. If you’re concerned about blemishes on your gleaming white countertops, take a look at these care tips, and keep an open mind as we explore some popular options.

1. Ice White

With hints of pale blue, it’s easy to tell how Ice White gets its name. It looks great in areas with cool and calm colors with light or dark gray cabinets.

2. Kashmir White

If you like white but want more texture, this is the choice for you. Similar to Cotton White, this stone has a salt and pepper pattern that is ideal for hiding small messes. Monochromatic colors don’t hide messes and potential blemishes as well simply because they have less natural variation.

3. River White

As its name suggests, River has sweeping lines that help give the illusion of a longer workspace and kitchen. It is one of the colors closest to true white. It is a very versatile choice and works well with light or dark cabinets.
Another tip for opening your space: clear countertops of unnecessary appliances and items taking up valuable space. Your kitchen will immediately feel more relaxing and open.

4. Delicatus White

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind granite slab, Delicatus White is for you. The granite’s marbling makes it a statement piece in any kitchen and no two slabs are the same. This pairs well with single-color backsplashes and more neutral kitchens as this granite color adds intrigue to your kitchen design.

5. Himalayan White

This color choice is the most gray of the options we have explored, so it adds a contrast to the lighter kitchens. If you want the marble countertop look without the price tag, designers will recommend using Himalayan granite instead.

Earthy Browns

If you’re looking for a granite color choice that’s both a little wild and still looks luxurious, brown may be the way to go.

6. Coffee Brown

This brown color is perfect for adding depth to your kitchen design while remaining neutral. Coffee looks like a consistent brown when viewed from afar, so it pairs easily with the rest of your decor.

7. Brown Pearl

Brown pearl resembles an impressive mosaic that incorporates white, black, and brown. When polished, they create such a reflective surface you will be able to see your appliances reflected in them.
Bonus tip for appliances: stick to one color scheme such as black, white, or stainless steel. This way your upgrades won’t stand out and will keep your kitchen looking cohesive and coordinated.

The Classic Black And White Combination

If you’re looking for an elegant and classic combination, these dark granite colors pair well with white cupboards.

8. Absolute Black

If you’re looking for a modern look, Absolute is the most black granite color. It’s perfect for making your kitchen look very sleek and honed.

9. Ubatuba

In addition to its unique name, this granite color is also recognizable by its gold specks throughout. You can occasionally find some green and red flecks as well. This is one of the toughest to stain, so it makes an ideal choice if you have little ones in the house.

Bonus color: Black Galaxy
While this isn’t technically granite and composed mainly of gabbro, it’s worth a mention for it’s family-friendly qualities and the small white flecks that make this countertop look like a night sky.

Another Way To Add Variety

Just to add another layer of personality, your granite slab can be finished in a number of ways.

  • A leathered finish is not at all glossy and is textured. Staining and etching are less noticeable with this finish.
  • If you are less concerned about minor imperfections, a polished finish elegantly gives off a reflective finish to the granite.
  • A honed finish takes the best of both the leathered and polished looks. It is a matte finish that can appear slightly glossy, and it will also hide the wear and tear your countertop may endure.
  • A flamed finish is typically bumpier and reserved for heavy-duty usage areas such as shower floorings or outdoor kitchens.

When redoing your kitchen, it can be easy to fall into the trap of putting some color choices off for later. However, it is so much easier to pick everything out together when you have all the sample swatches to color match. Be sure to consider a backsplash, your cabinets color and finish, paint, and your appliances. Start with your countertops, one of the biggest investments in your new kitchen’s look.