If you have decided to incorporate an island in your kitchen with a granite countertop or you are remodeling you have a lot to consider. Your kitchen island with a granite countertop is soon to be the hub of your kitchen. It is where you will prep food, cook, entertain, serve food, and just gather as a family. Because kitchen islands with granite countertops are so versatile there a several additions that you can install to make it even more functional.

Add Sinks to Kitchen Islands With Granite

You will quickly find that having a sink on your granite countertop island is a functional addition. When it comes to installing a sink on your granite countertop island you have a couple options.

First of all, you will most likely do a lot of food prep on your granite countertop island which means that a sink would be beneficial. If you do not want a full -sized sink you can choose to put in a vegetable sink which is just for rinsing and does not have a garbage disposal.


The other option that you have is to design your granite countertop island so that you can install a fully functioning sink. Depending on the design of your kitchen you may prefer to have the kitchen sink facing out which makes cooking, cleaning, and food prep more enjoyable while entertaining or visiting with family.

Kitchen Islands With Granite: Wine or Beverage Refrigerator

Either of these are not only convenient but add some dimension to your granite countertop island. There are many styles and sizes to choose from.

A built -in wine refrigerator under the granite countertop of your island is a classy way to display some of your favorite wine. It also makes for easy access when entertaining.

If wine is not your thing then a beverage refrigerator is the way to go. A beverage refrigerator that is installed in your granite countertop island will free up extra space in your regular refrigerator by storing water bottles or soda in an organized way.

Kitchen Islands With Granite: Microwaves

If you have a gourmet kitchen of times where to put the microwave can be a challenge. Having a countertop microwave is a thing of the past and takes up a lot of room.

Installing a microwave in your granite countertop island is a great solution. Not only is the microwave out of the way it makes warming up food easy by eliminating having to walk around the kitchen with hot dishes.

Kitchen Islands With Granite: Cooktops

If you currently do not have a cooktop on your island you can move it with a bit of designing. Having your cooktop directly on your granite countertop island opens up a lot of space for cooking. It also allows the cook to see friends and family while making food.

Cooktops for your granite countertop island are available in gas and electric depending on your preference. Even if you go with a bulkier version it will still look great in your granite countertop island. Once you have one you will never go back to the standard inward facing configuration.

These are just a few ideas that can take your granite countertop island from great to amazing! Function and beauty all in one! If you’re looking to purchase granite for a kitchen island, get in touch with Granite Liquidators! We can offer incredibly low prices on granite, marble, and quartzite slabs because we import our slabs direct from the quarry! In other words, no middle man!!! Give us a call to see the quality and incredibly low prices in person!