There are thousands of granite colors, choose the right one.

It is difficult to look at a granite slab or a picture of one and imagine how it will look in your home, paired with all of the other items that go into your renovation. The cabinets are one color, the floors and walls a different color, and you have to somehow sort through all of the options to match a granite color.

On top of that, granite isn’t usually a singular color. They are typically two or more, with a pattern that is either consistent and basic or exotic. So what do you do?

How To Pick A Granite Color For Your Kitchen Countertops

There are 3 Ways To Choose A Granite Color & Avoid Common Mistakes

1.) Naturally, you want a cohesive design, so you want colors that will coordinate. The problem is that most people will wait to choose their granite color last, but this is a mistake.

Granite should be one of the first things you choose. By doing so, it will allow you to match everything according to the specific granite you choose. You will know all of the hints of color and the pattern flow within the stone, which is imperative to a functioning design.

It’s like buying a velvet purple couch and then designing the living room around that singular piece. You need to think of the granite in the same terms. It will most likely be the most eye catching thing in your kitchen. You need to know how to tone it down, or dress it up, how to accent it, etc. Not only that, but you can see from the kitchen above, that choosing the countertops first allowed for a perfect match with their base cabinet color.

Let the paint match the stone not the other way around.

2.) If you do happen to be dead set on a cabinet, wall, or floor  before choosing granite color, bring a sample.

This is a common mistake homeowners often make. They order their cabinets and appliance and choose their paint before they have a granite selected. This mostly happens because homeowners are trying to achieve a certain theme or style. Problems arise when they go to a granite yard and fall in love with a slab that won’t fit their design.

Avoid this by bringing a sample to hold up to all of the stones you see and like. This will help you avoid a disappointing end result.

3.) Make sure that when you purchase a stone, you are getting that exact stone.

Often, when you purchase a granite slab at a big box store you’re looking at a sample. so while you may like the sample you choose, they’ll simply pull one out of the pile. In other words, you’re not getting the exact stone you paid for.

This could create dramatically different end results, and you may not like it. If you want to avoid this, go to a granite showroom. Find a stone you like, and then double check to make sure you are getting that exact stone. In most cases they will place a hold on that stone right away with your name on it, or some other placeholder.

granite color

Make sure you’re getting exactly the results you desire. Speak to granite specialists about their inventory. They should also be able to help you decide which granite will best suit you and your design.

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