Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops

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Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops   Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops

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Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops

Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops   Popular Design Layouts For Your Kitchen Countertops

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One of the great things about using a local natural stone supplier is their ability to create your perfect custom kitchen. Part of that fun process is choosing your dream kitchen countertops from their extensive collection, and they can help you decide which layout for your counters and cabinets would suit you best. They can guide you through the shape, style, size, and material options. Here is a sneak peek at the top kitchen layouts to consider:

Galley or Corridor

These style countertop designs are often best for a narrow kitchen space. Ideal in smaller homes or apartments where available space is at a premium, a galley-style kitchen usually has one long countertop with cabinets below it and appliances on the opposite wall. Due to the limited space in this style, a lighter color stone is usually the best choice to keep the room looking bright and open. Ice-white granite or light marble kitchen countertops would work well in this design.


A U-shaped kitchen layout is increasingly popular in more modern homes. The three linked kitchen countertops afford you copious amounts of both workspace for food preparation and storage space underneath. This setup can feel more open and relaxed than a traditional double L design.

U-shaped kitchens can have a vast amount of flexibility in design because you do not need to navigate corners or ends. The world is your oyster with this design, including any appliances or other kitchen gadgets you may want to factor in your design. This layout is excellent if you have ample open space and can fit in additional options such as a kitchen island or bar top.


A one-wall kitchen is the ultimate space-saving solution. Similar to the galley style layout, you need one-wall kitchens in very long, slim spaces in apartments. It is sometimes ideal in open-plan areas where the kitchen is part of a greater dining or living room setup. A one-wall layout is one long countertop with all cabinets and appliances stored above or below.

Ensuring a kitchen like this still feels open and inviting is critical, so a lighter-colored countertop is a perfect choice. Depending on the space available, a one-wall layout may include a small island or, even better, a mobile block that you can move around the room to where you need it and store away when not required.


An L-shaped countertop and cabinet layout is an excellent choice for mid-size or unusually shaped rooms. The L makes use of the space available, including corners, and can give a good amount of countertop working space. The stove is usually on the shorter side of the L, providing space to cook while still having the longer side available for others to use for food preparation. However, this can feel isolating, so if you are a more social chef and prefer a bustling kitchen, a U or double L-shaped layout may be better for you if space allows.

Double L-Shaped

A double L-shaped layout usually has one large L with the primary preparation countertops and most kitchen appliances. The second smaller L serves as a second preparation space, socialization area, or even a small dining nook. The layout gives you a similar amount of space to a U-shaped design but is a bit more flexible in where the Ls need to be, so it works well in unusually shaped rooms where a U setup is impossible. A double L is excellent if you have ample space and want your kitchen to feel more like the hub of your home rather than an area used for cooking.

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island is a great way to maximize space if you have a large enough kitchen to include it. A kitchen island gives more preparation and storage space. A multi-tiered design and island can also give you a small dining area without needing a separate breakfast bar or additional table. Islands work well in layouts like a U or double L and can also be used in kitchens with an L-shaped design, depending on available space.

Additional Bar

A bar is a section of natural stone in the same material as your countertops. The bar usually sits higher than the counters, so you use stools for sitting at it rather than traditional dining tables. You shouldn’t have a bar where you prepare food or have cabinets underneath it. Bars are great because they can usually be adapted to fit into any space. A large kitchen can become a lovely social area, but in smaller ones, it might be a vital dining area if you do not have room for a table in the kitchen or a separate dining area in your home.

Ultimately, the layout you choose will come down to personal preference and the space available in your unique home. However, working with an independent supplier and fabricator means you can create the kitchen of your dreams with seemingly endless options, no matter the size of your space.