Here at Granite Liquidators, we strive to offer the best variety of stones so you can easily customize your renovation project to your liking. We carry Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Dolomites and get new shipments once a month. We stock stones at high and low-price points at different levels from 1-5 to fit everyone’s needs and wants when it comes to not only the stone but the budget as well. Among our inventory, we have our private selection stones which are marked at a high price point but are aesthetically more detailed when it comes to the colors and movement within the stone. In the past, we have written blogs that broke our inventory down and talked about each stone individually with some design inspiration. We wanted to do a private selection piece to highlight the collection and hopefully find you a stone that’s right for the job.


This stone comes in at $1,999 and is a very dark toned stone with blacks and grays swirled throughout. This stone, because of its dark colors, can be very easy to match with appliances and cabinets. Imagine the Amazon River late at night in the darkness, the water swirling together; that is this stone. You could pair this stone with a light-colored cabinets to give contrast or you can pair it with dark cabinets to warm up the room so it’s dark and cozy. There are many possibilities with this versatile stone.


The next stone is among the lighter shades of quartzite but has a lot of character. Pricing in at $2,499, this stone is full of brown and beige tones which makes it an instant go to for anyone looking for a dramatic stone but one that doesn’t show off as flashy. With the light sketches of crème colors and a dark contrast background of dark brown, you can do so many things with this stone.

Blue Cocada

Blue Cocada is a one of a kind quartzite stone for sure. This stone is among our private selections for its rich color and unique pattern. The pattern of this stone almost looks as if there are chunks of boulders within the slab with its proportions and coloring. Coming in at $2,499 this stone is a must have for sure!


The third stone we want to showcase is Fusion pricing at $3,499. This stone is an ideal example of what you think of when someone says a “stone slab cut”. With squiggles of blacks, browns, beige, gold, and yellow- this stone compliments so many colors which makes it very versatile. You can choose any of the colors within the stone to highlight and it would be breathtaking. Fusion would look great with a darker shade of cabinetry to contrast the room and set all the eyes on the stone.


The last stone we want to highlight is Patagonia. When you think of Patagonia, your mind instantly takes you to the outdoor setting and this stone couldn’t represent anything more than the outdoors. This stone is full of browns and whites all swirled together to look like a scene straight out of nature. This stone in a kitchen or bathroom would compliment a room instantly no matter the surrounding décor. Throughout the stone you have large crystals that stand out alongside the wide range of colors that create the most unique looking stone we have ever seen. This stone is among the higher-level private selection coming in at $3,499. Keep an eye on this stone to watch any special offers on it, because it will go fast!

These few stones are just the start to our private selection stone inventory. We carry hundreds of different stones that all vary with coloring, patterns, and movement. You are sure to find a stone that fits the needs or your project without trouble. Keep an eye on our website in the ‘Clearance’ tab to watch for any sales we are currently having. Every now and then we will have certain private selection stones on clearance for a great deal! If you are interested in any of the stones we mentioned and would like to learn more, reach out to a stone specialist today.