Finding the right slab of granite is like finding the right art piece for your gallery, but this artwork comes at the right price.

We have a saying- that all stones are like snowflakes. Some will look similar, but ultimately every single one of them is different, unique. Each stone is like a beautiful work of art, and the room it’s placed in is the frame. This is why it is vitally important to find the right slab, but doesn’t mean it has to come at a high price. It also doesn’t mean that you’re left to choose from a granite yard either, no, the world is open to you. Buying quarry direct granite changes everything.


The one-step distribution approach for quarry direct granite and marble:

The way we buy products as consumers, and indeed the way we sell our products, has changed several times over in the last couple decades. The granite industry itself has seen such dramatic changes that it looks almost like an entirely different industry.

You see, granite wasn’t always a popular material to use in homes because of its expense. It was a luxury material. Skilled craftsmen had to cut granite and marble from the mountains themselves. It took a lot of time, a lot of work, and was considered a dangerous profession. The advent of certain machinery changed all that. And for a while that change was enough to alter the market. That was the greatest change to how we source our materials.

The change that altered the way materials were sold came when Granite Liquidators recognized the straining price gouging in the market. The alternative became the one- step distribution approach, which meant that the slabs were no longer going through middlemen, and were no longer moving from one location to another before arriving to their marketplace. Here’s how it goes:

The traditional approach:

Quarry—(to)— wholesaler—(to)— retailer— (to)— contractors— (to)— homeowners

Granite Liquidators decided this was too many steps.

The one- step distribution approach:

Quarry— (to)— wholesaler—(to)— you

Contractors, designers, DIY house flippers, and homeowners should all have the availability of affordable, high- quality granite and marble, without all the hassle, and without passing through so many hands. And this is the approach that most makes sense.

With this approach we are able to offer customers the best price possible.


Your ability to influence our business

Because of our relationship with quarries in Italy, Brazil, India, and Africa, and because of the way we buy our slabs- we are able to offer direct purchasing. For designers and contractors, this comes as a huge benefit. It means that you have some control over what stones we import. If you’ve seen a stone that you really like, but we don’t have immediately on hand, we can speak directly with our quarries to find that species and have it delivered to us for your pickup.

With wholesale, sold directly to the public, YOU have the advantage. Take advantage of the direct from quarry importing, and the low prices made available by cutting out the middle men- and get that perfect piece of art for your home or client.

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Check out our inventory to see if we have the perfect stone for you, on hand. If we don’t have it on hand, give us a call at: 877-789-0489, to see what we can do for you.