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Quartzite Stone Profiles   Quartzite Stone Profiles

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Quartzite Stone Profiles

Quartzite Stone Profiles   Quartzite Stone Profiles

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Quartzite is one of the most beautiful and beloved stones among many of our customers. It’s versatile, durable, and absolutely gorgeous in any space. Although our slabs are all stunning, it’s important to weigh your options prior to choosing the quartzite that’s right for you. We’ve decided to compile a list of our current quartzite inventory and give a brief overview and profile of how the stone can be incorporated into space. Each with their own quirks and beauty, whichever quartzite you decide on, you can be sure it’s one-of-a-kind and absolutely breathtaking.

Allure White – $2,500

Allure White is a strong white quartzite with an elegant and glossy look and feel. It has a dramatic movement of dark grey, tan, cream, and black veins flowing across its surface. Allure White is a simple stone that will work well in most spaces. Although it is a clean and simple stone, it’s far from boring or mundane with all of the details and features it brings to the table. The elegance and charm that Allure White exudes is sure to be a highlight in any kitchen or bathroom area. The stone would look best with tons of natural light mixed in with white, light natural wood, or dark cabinetry. When designing with Allure White quartzite, you really can’t go wrong.

Blue Cocada – $2,499

Blue Cocada quartzite is a stunning slab with dramatic marks of blue, grey, and cream. Its wide streaks mimic the brushstrokes of a painter. This unique slab is sure to be a focal point and conversation topic in any space. Each slab of Blue Cocada is unique and a masterpiece in itself. No two strokes are the same on its surface. This stone is great for bringing out your personality and creative side to put on display for all to see and admire. This interesting quartzite would look best when paired with lighter or white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. You’ll want all of the attention to be on the stone when it’s in your household, so matching it with more simple features is a good way to ensure the Blue Cocada gets all of the attention it deserves.

Fusion Wow – $3,499

Judging from its name, you can probably imagine how spectacular this quartzite stone is. Fusion Wow is a dramatic, multicolor stone with deep blue-hued grays, lakes of creams, and rivers of rust. As of July 23rd, 2020, this stone is currently out of stock. And for good reason! Fusion Wow is in demand due to its unique and eccentric coloring. The statement stone originates from Brazil and is one of the most sought-after slabs because of its durability and beauty. Its vivid color palette and dramatic patterns captivate buyers from around the world. The stone would pair best with a more simple environment given its bright tones and chaotic movement. 

Nacarado – $2,500

Narcado is a beautiful and elegant quartzite classic. Its waves of gold and burgundy flow across the surface with bursts of cream and beige. Its untraditional look and beauty are what draw so many eyes to this slab. The stone looks like it belongs in a desert setting with winds carrying sand breezing by. The neutral yet powerful colors and patterns on Nacarado make it the ideal quartzite slab for those looking to incorporate understated elegance. The stone would pair best with dark cabinets with red hues or light cabinets that are simple and allow for the stone to get all the praise and attention. 

Perla Santana – $3,500

With one of the rarest quartzite appearances, Perla Santana is known for its dusty brown surface with terracotta hints throughout. When examined closely, this stone has fine lines of white and light beige running through itself. From afar, the slab looks almost like a dust storm or cloud of white over a surface of reddish-brown. This stone would pair best with darker cabinets and lots of natural sunlight to help bring out those lovely details and exquisite features that Perla Santana is known for. 

Perla Venata – $3,499

Similar in appearance to Perla Santana, Perla Venata has that same almost windy flow to it but with hues of cream and gold. With swirling breezes of gold and beige, tan and creamy waves of dust move swiftly across the surface. This quartzite is great for anyone designing a kitchen or bathroom with a timeless design. When you look up close, veins of gold and shimmery brown run through its details. Truly, a minimalist’s dream. White or light creamy colored cabinets would look best with this stone. Anyone who sees this slab will feel a breath of fresh air and calmness come over them.

White Macaubas – $2,499

White Macaubas closely resembles marble and is actually an incredibly durable and trendy quartzite slab. The stone has a strong white base accompanied by thin dark veins across the surface. The minimal detailing also looks like lines in planks of wood. It’s perfect for a minimal and clean look. For those seeking a modern vibe in their home, this stone pairs nicely with sleek designs and features. 

Yosemite – $2,500

Yosemite is a uniquely beautiful stone that resembles a sketching or linearly cracked surface. The one-of-a-kind lines throughout the slab make it pair nicely with clean-cut and modern fixtures. It’s a mostly white and creamy stone that has sharp veins of silvery gray throughout its entirety. The different directions of movements and cracks are sure to be a focal point in any kitchen or bathroom and perfect for bringing light and texture into a space.