Laundry rooms have come a long way from outdoor wash bins and clotheslines to state of the art rooms in the interior of your home. Today’s laundry rooms are decorated to the nines with décor themes all their own. Even with the modern advances, the laundry room for many is a dreaded catch-all for clutter. That fact, tied with some at times poor designs, may have you wondering: is it time to redo your laundry room?

If you are looking for ways to remodel your laundry room so that it is just as inviting as the rest of your house think about installing granite countertops. Yes, I said granite countertops!

Some of you may be thinking that this is a pricey addition to room that most of your guests don’t see. But you do!

Why not complete one of the monotonous household chores in a pleasant environment?

Using Granite to Redo Your Laundry Room

Here are some popular laundry room décor ideas using granite countertops:

  1. Every truly functional laundry room needs a sink. Laundry room sinks are not the most visually appealing. By enclosing your sightly laundry room sink with cabinetry and a granite countertop you will get the same look as you do in your kitchen. A much more finished look than that of typical laundry room.
  2. Whether you have an older washer and dryer that are not quite up to par with your design ideas or you have newer state of the art models, installing a granite countertop over them will give them a new and finished look.
  3. If you have a larger laundry room with some extra wall space. Install a granite countertop along the wall for folding space that is easily accessible as you switch out laundry. This makes organizing clothes and putting them away much easier.
  4. In newer homes the laundry room is often coupled with a utility room. This space is design for projects that are not quite appropriate for the kitchen or other rooms in your home. If you already have counterspace installed in your utility/laundry room change it out with granite for a much more elegant look. Contemplate leaving space underneath lower countertops to slide stools or chairs under for extra seating while tackling odd jobs.
  5. If you currently have granite countertops in your laundry room and are redecorating think about adding some complimentary or contrasting granite backsplash. You can do this around the entire laundry as it looks appropriate in this setting.
  6. Just like in your kitchen take some time to match your cabinets with the granite countertop in your laundry room.

You will find that you have some room to make some customized choice since your dealing with the laundry room instead.

If you do not currently have cabinets in your laundry room, put some in!  You will find that hiding detergent, dryer sheets, irons, ironing boards, and other laundry room paraphernalia this is the quickest way to spruce up. Hiding the clutter will give it a streamline look that won’t make you want to shut the door!

If you have an extra amount of wall space hang some shelving and line them with granite. Most granite yards have remnants at reasonable prices. This is a customized way to make space to store towels and linens.

These are just a few ideas to make your laundry room a room that you actually want to go in. Take some time to browse photos on the internet to see these tips in action and to get additional ideas!

If you’d like to purchase some granite for your next project, be it remnants or a full slab, get in touch with us! Here at Granite Liquidators, we are PROUD to offer wholesale pricing direct from the quarry to the public!