Summer is finally here, and everyone is getting into the mood of entertaining. Whether it is a family get together, a game night with friends or a night with your best friends having drinks, spring and summer are the seasons to do this. Because of the warm weather and the longer days, you can hang out outside with a fire pit or in the hot tube and enjoy the season. Now, what does entertaining mean? It means you will have visitors in your home using your amenities like your bathroom. Your bathroom gets used hundreds of times a day just by you so making sure it is up to par will also benefit your day to day routine. Spring is the perfect time to plan home renovations because lots of suppliers are holding sales to start off the season which means you can save some money and get your remodel done. Here are the simple steps to follow during your remodeling process to make sure you stay on top of everything and are prepared. 

#1 – Demolition 

The first thing you’ll want to do before you do anything in the process is demolition. Take out all of our old fixtures, rip up the floor, tear down the walls if necessary, and start with a clean slate. Starting with a blank room will allow you to visualize your bathroom design and better plan for what you want to add and changeup. Make sure to take measurements during this time and even mark the flooring and the walls for possible fixtures so you can have a visual. 

#2 – Design 

The next step is to choose all the design aspects of your bathroom. Decide what you want your cabinets to look like, the size they need to be, pick your colors, your fixtures, and most importantly your stone for the countertops. Stone is a great option because you can stay within budget by shopping select stones and you can match your style and color perfectly. Stone is also easy to maintain and will last you forever, so you don’t have to worry about repairs down the road. 

#3 – Install Your Shower and Your Tub 

This comes before anything because your bathroom revolves around your shower and tub. Once you do this you will be able to see how much room you have for your vanity and what extra space you have leftover. 

#4 – Install Your Vanity and Fixtures 

Next up is to install your vanity and all of your fixtures. Of course, before you install showerheads and faucets make sure your plumbing is ready and up to date. You should start seeing your bathroom design come together. 

#5 – Now comes the fun part! It’s time to paint or add wallpaper

This is where you really see your design come together and you can get a feel for what is missing and what you still need to add. Make sure that your drywall and piping are all complete before you paint because this is the finishing touch that seals it all in. 

#6 – Decorate 

Congratulations! Your bathroom is done! You can now add all the little things that really make your bathroom feel like home. Add your décor pieces such as rugs, pictures, candles, organizational shelves, bins, and more to add function to your bathroom. 

Now that your bathroom is complete make sure you keep it stocked with toilet paper, hand towels, and soap so your guests always have what they need when they are visiting. Of course, this is a guide to the bare bones of a job, there are a lot of steps in between and each bathroom is different which means you may have some extra steps or fewer steps depending on the remodel. Take your time and make sure you double-check all your steps and choices so your bathroom turns out to be the dream one you had envisioned.