New stone countertops are a stunning addition to any kitchen. While they are both beautiful and durable, chips and cracks regularly occur as a result of daily use. These imperfections may be simply an eye sore, or they may be an accident waiting to happen. Depending on the size of your kitchen, replacing the stone may be very expensive. Keep reading to find out how home improvement enthusiasts recommend dealing with stone countertop damage.

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Possible to repair with epoxy

It depends on the extent of damage done to the stone. There are ways to repair small chips in granite countertops. You will never notice any previous damage before a repair. However, if you have a large crack in your countertop, it is possible to repair it with epoxy, but the repair will be noticeable. Having a large, noticeable repaired crack in a countertop is not aesthetically appealing. So, we always replace cracked granite countertops and repair chipped countertops.

Call a professionals

As long as the damage to your countertop doesn’t affect the safety and structural integrity of your countertops, you can repair the damage. Unfortunately, though, it can be nearly impossible to camouflage the repair so that it’s unnoticeable. Usually, the repair can be seen with a scrutinous inspection, and sometimes, depending on where and how bad the damage was, the repair is unsightly and obvious.

If you choose to repair the damaged granite, your best results will most likely come from professionals. It’s not cheap, but it is much less expensive than replacing the granite countertops. In fact, it’s usually so much cheaper that you may be able to talk yourself into ignoring the repairs even when they’re obvious.

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With superglue

You can most likely repair chips in granite countertops with superglue!

Most of the time, chips happen around the sink or near the stove when placing heavy equipment onto the countertop. If the damage is superficial, then you can simply fill it with a couple of layers of superglue. Remove excess with a razor blade once it is dry. That’s it.

The only reason I would consider replacing a stone or granite countertop is if the damage is structural in nature. If it was wrongly installed and the material cracked through, then it might even pose a health hazard, and I would definitely replace it.


Granite, marble, and stone countertops are said to last from around 10-20 years. Proper maintenance will help keep them at their best. Precautions such as protecting them from heat, wiping away liquids, and using a cutting board are all steps one can take to keep these countertops in top shape.

If the countertops need to be repaired, sometimes epoxy or resin can be done at home. There are also options out there, such as refinishing. However, if countertops are nearing the end of their lifetime, choosing to invest in a full replacement can give a brand new look. You might even want to change from one surface to another.

Non-porous Quartz countertops are a great option. Quartz is very hard, giving it durability. [It is] also antimicrobial due to the material not allowing bacteria through the surface. We’re always more than happy to help customers find their next countertop.

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