These tips can save you hundreds on your Fall bathroom renovation!

Believe it or not, Fall is one of the most popular times to renovate a bathroom. Reasons for this vary from getting upgrades done before the holidays to taking advantage of holiday sales. It’s also the time of the year when we start taking our renovation and general DIY projects indoors, because well, home improvement never stops. So if you’re getting ready for a bathroom renovation this fall, take advantage of sales, and follow some of these tips and tricks to save you hundreds.

Bathroom renovation money- savers:

First, we’d like to say that these tips will apply to just about every bathroom renovation, and will help to keep your costs lower. BUT, keep in mind that if you are doing a major overhaul, your costs will always be much higher than if you are simply upgrading your bathroom.

There’s quite a difference between tearing up the floor, ripping out the tub, and moving around the plumbing- and the much simpler approach of keeping the tub and toilet and flooring and only changing the aesthetics.

So while these tips are geared more to the aesthetics of your bathroom, they are still valuable in saving you hundreds, or in simply staying under budget.


As mentioned, if you want to keep costs lower, then you shouldn’t make any changes to the plumbing if you don’t have to. There are some times when changing the plumbing is a must due to damaged or leaking pipes, or really a host of other issues, but generally your plumbing is best left where it is. You can replace a sink or a shower head, or even an entire toiler (or just the toilet seat if you really want to save), those are simple fixes with decent impact on the look of the space, but if you can, leave the plumbing alone.

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It’s surprising how much of an impact a little bit of paint can make. But I think most people know this one. It’s an inexpensive way to make a very large impact on any space.


Lighting is one of those really small and inexpensive alterations that have can change a room in surprising ways. Think about the act of taking pictures… when the light is in front of you your face looks different than if it’s behind you or on your side, same with if the lighting is dim as opposed to bright. Think about restaurants with low lighting… you know, to set a mood. Yeah, mood lighting.

Don’t underestimate lighting. It makes all the difference. So go to an antique or thrift shop and find some cool shades or sconces. Or go to a lighting shop, or a big box store, and find something unique, and perfect for the mood you’re trying to set.


Your vanity is probably the most eye catching piece in your bathroom, so you want it to stand out. One of the most affordable and attractive choices for a bathroom vanity, is to use a vintage piece of furniture, like a dresser. All you would have to have done to it (or you can do this yourself if you’re handy) is to cut a hole for the sink and the pipes that run beneath it.

You can protect the vanity from the wear and tear that all bathroom vanities undergo by adding granite or marble to the countertop, like in the kitchen below.

It’s your best option if you’d like to protect that beautiful dresser, while still making it durable enough to withstand the water droplets, kid messes, and humidity of a typical bathroom.

Starting on Labor Day, Granite Liquidators will have sales off and on throughout the remainder of the year. But no matter what time of year it is, Granite Liquidators will always have the best prices for countertops in Denver.

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We hope these money-saving tips will get your thinking as your get ready to start your bathroom renovation. Renovations don’t have to cost a fortune, because truly, it’s the little changes that count.


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