The holidays are approaching, and you know what that means, right? That means egg nog, champagne, spiked punch, and a million other festive drinks to pass around at your next holiday party. But are you prepared? Or should you add a wet bar?

If you entertain regularly, and like to throw holiday parties, where do you keep all the goods? Is it in a locked pantry or cabinet in your kitchen? Is it in a mini fridge in the garage or deck? If you’re lucky enough to have a mini bar or a full home bar, how outdated is it?

Adding a home bar is becoming more and more popular, and we think we know why. If you take a look at the trendy and swoon worthy bars below, you’ll notice that they are sleek and stylish. They are personalized to taste, and give off a sophisticated shade. These spaces below are perfect, for a few specific reasons:

  • They are small enough to fit in almost any home. Which means that this is something that everyone can do.
  • They are an exhibition of personal style and taste that can be showcased and used as a statement piece in your home that everyone will want to gather around.
  • Good usable storage and work space that hides what you want hidden, and displays your most beautiful pieces.
  • having a designated space for entertainment keeps that area classified, designated for its use, which makes it definable. Having a specific place for certain items is always a good thing.

Wet bars and home bars are fairly simple. They most often have shelves or stem glass holders for glasses, a wine fridge and built in wine racks, drawers for the tools, a bar sink, an ice maker, and a place to store all the other liquor. If you’re looking for some inspiration for creating an eye catching centerpiece for your next entertainment, consider these:



Serving Up Drinks: Should You Add A Wet Bar To Your Home?

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs

Look, this one is built into a large cabinet, so you can hide it away from underage eyes.



Serving Up Drinks: Should You Add A Wet Bar To Your Home?