If you own rental properties in Denver, you know that one of your top goals is how to get the most rent for your unit or home. Just like in any home sale, the nicer it is the higher the price! To stay at the high end of rental rates you have to surpass the local competition and have luxuries that make your property stand out.

One sure fire way to do this is by adding granite countertops in Denver in the kitchen and/or bath. This type of upgrade with bring in quality renters and get you longer leases. Granite countertops definitely give a different feel than laminate, Corian, or tile.

Although some granite countertops in Denver are very unique and design specific, there are a variety of selections that you can use that will appeal to the masses.

Granite countertops in Denver also pair very nicely with black or stainless -steel appliances. Updated appliances are among the top considerations that renters make when choosing a property.  Granite countertops in Denver and modern appliances can be budget friendly for you while adding sophistication to your property. Whether you want to go with a lighter granite or a darker slab, there are many patterns that are muted to fit with any design décor.

Rental Properties in Denver | Designer Recommendations

Choosing granite countertops in Denver can seem overwhelmingly impossible. If you narrow down your options before you head to the granite yard you will be better off. Selections for granite countertops in Denver literally range from white to red, blue, green, and even pink.

When making a selection for your rental property’s designers make the following recommendations:

  • Dark Granite: Black and/or grey with muted patterns and no color highlights
  • White Granite: Pure white to beige with minor color inflections and muted patterns
  • Tan and Light Brown: Earthy tones with no color highlights are busy patterns

Aside from the aesthetic benefits that granite countertops in Denver bring to rental properties, granite is one of the most durable materials available. This means less risk of damage! Granite can stand up to copious amounts of wear and tear from kids to adults.

Furthermore, when you use granite countertops in Denver you can rest assured that you will not have to renovate it anytime soon. Granite countertops in Denver are timeless and match with all décor types from traditional to modern. If over time you find that you need to freshen up the look of your unit or home, then you can easily do so with other decorative accents without touching the granite countertops in Denver.

Once you have made your granite selection you will want to keep the same color schemes in mind when choosing cabinetry. The cabinets that you select to go with your granite countertops in Denver can make or break the final look. You can choose to compliment or contrast the selection of the granite countertop in Denver when it comes to cabinetry. Just make sure that you keep all design styles in mind as not to alienate any potential renters.

Kitchen and bathrooms are highlights to any home and it is no different for a rental property. The investment that you make in granite countertops in Denver will increase your rental return and benefit you and your tenant in the long run.