Never let small bathrooms be a big challenge.

Small bathrooms can be a challenge to design for, but they don’t have to be. You have a small space right? You can’t expand it, and want to renovate on a budget. So how do you make a tight space feel less cramped, be beautiful, and be functional? Smart design is how.

Small bathrooms can be made to feel larger by using the minimal space you have in more functional ways.

There are a few ways you can do this, and it largely depends on the dimensions of the space as they currently stand. But if you gut your bathroom down to just the bare walls, even removing the bath or shower, you can reassemble the bathroom in a way that might make more sense. Take a look at the ideas below for some inspiration.


The Long And Narrow

This design is truly brilliant. The room is narrow, and leaves little room for storage or counter space. The genius idea here is create pockets in the walls to act as shelves and counter space, where the sink is lacking. Building cabinets straight into the wall allows the wall to stay flush, while still giving the room much needed storage space.

Smart Designs For Small Bathrooms



Let’s face it, you can build a shower to just about any size. A room that is square makes it easy to build in a shower on one side, but shelves on another, door on another, and toilet and sink on another, creating a symmetrical room that uses all of the space available.

Smart Designs For Small Bathrooms



A lot of people don’t need much counter space. Keeping all three bathroom utilities in a line makes it simple, easy, and space-saving. Add in a narrow shelf to the side and that’s really all you need.

Smart Designs For Small Bathrooms


Encase The Shower

No one needs to see your entire shower or tub. Really, casing it in with the sink and built in shelves saves space and uses every inch available.

Smart Designs For Small Bathrooms


Rectangular room

The small bathroom below was converted from an old closet. The owners didn’t like that they didn’t have a bathroom upstairs so they used one of their closets to create one. Undoubtedly it is small. Only 6 feet in length in fact. Which gave them enough space to put in the shower along the far wall, and the toilet and sink opposing each other, with some built ins next to the sink. It may be small, but it is a brilliant and tasteful design that makes the space feel far larger than it really is.

small bathrooms


Small bathrooms are a common thing in most homes, but it doesn’t have to feel small. If your bathroom feels that way, it is possible that the space isn’t being optimized. There could be real potential there, you just have to be smart with your design.

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