In the May 2020 issue of Architectural Digest, their celebrity feature is Drake’s Toronto Home. Each month, Architectural Digest picks a celebrity home to tour and reveal their unique sense of style and décor choices. Every celebrity’s home has its own special touches and it’s so fun to be able to venture through each home and find the things that pop out to the readers. 

Drake is one of the most famous and popular rappers in the world and has a few different homes across the country. His home in Toronto, Canada, however, is a marble filled home with beautiful furniture, artwork, its own basketball court, and a bar that looks like it’s a nightclub. Of course, the most unique part of his home is the incorporation of stone throughout, let’s take a look at all the places he has a beautiful marble stone on display.

The main entrance to his home and leading past the foray into other rooms in his home you will notice that the flooring is a mix of black and white marbled stone. Having marble as flooring is a very creative and unique way to incorporate it into any home. Marble is extremely durable and resistant to damage which makes it perfect for higher traffic areas. If you are seeking flooring that resembles an elegant and luxurious look, marble is a great choice. 

As you are led throughout the home, you come to a staircase that looks straight out of a fairytale with stone tiling on the steps and magnificent light fixtures peering from above. Each chandelier has pure white or black marble accents to coincide with the rest of the home’s décor. 

Drake has an awards room that holds all of the awards he has won in his career displayed on marble shelving alongside the marble floors. The perfect room for showcasing his world-renowned accomplishments. 

Next up, we have his lounge which features a large bar and several sofas for lounging, all surrounded by marble! The floor again alternates a pattern of white and black marble while hiding smaller stone accents throughout the space. This is the ultimate hangout space to catch a drink and talk about the latest album he’s been working on.

His closet is the ultimate dream when it comes to a place to style your wardrobe. It is a room full of mirror walls and lighting that make your outfits pop. Your style and design are on display and ready to be shown off. To top off his dressers, there is a slab of granite placed ever so slightly that the light catches it perfectly and gives the room a very new look. Imagine styling yourself in this closet daily!

Let’s move to the bathrooms and the kitchens, both spaces are made and built of 100% marble. The flooring and vanities in his bathroom are one big marble block alongside the island in the kitchen which looks incredible. Both spaces are jaw-droppingly stunning! His kitchen and bathroom countertops are accented with marble backsplash and smaller touches of stone throughout the entire design. Marble is a great stone to be used in the kitchen and bathroom areas, it’s resistant to staining, scratching, and cracking which makes it durable and perfect for places that see a lot of activities such as the kitchen and bathrooms. 

We are sure his home consists of more marble delicacy as well as his other homes across the country. His Toronto home is definitely a unique home that is full of elegant, luxurious, and stunning designs that one could only dream of having. If you want to read more about the design and style of his home check out Architectural Digest and their May 2020 edition. You will be left amazed and with your jaw dropped in no time!