In the design industry, new trends are being developed daily, along with older trends that have stuck with the industry over the years. Especially when it comes to the kitchen area of a home, new trends are becoming popular by the minute. Waterfall counters are ones that have stuck around and are continuing to grow in popularity. Homebuilders, designers, and homeowners are implementing this design into their kitchen and even their bathrooms if possible. The design is such an elegant and luxurious look that so many people are joining in on, and we are going to lay the groundwork for you. 

Of course, the design that waterfall countertops provide is the main benefit. With a waterfall counter, you can instantly turn your space that’s dated and needs something new into a luxurious, high class, and elegant space. Oftentimes when you are scrolling through social media or looking in a magazine the kitchens that first catch your attention are the ones with large pieces of stone, waterfall counters, and unique colors. 


Another popular reason why this style of stone is so popular is the amount of value it can add to your home. If you are renovating to go resell, this is a great option to look into because you can add a large value to your home by simply renovating the counter space in your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen, in general, can add a large amount to the value of a home. When you are renovating your kitchen to add value to your home you want to take into consideration the areas of your kitchen that need improvement. For example, you might want to repaint or replace your cabinets or appliances.


Some homeowners might think that taking care of this style of stone is difficult, but it is no different from a traditional stone countertop. You simply use the same cleaners and the same daily routine to clean the surface you just take it down the tapered sides. The only thing you’ll want to consider this style of countertop is that no damage occurs to the sides of your counter. You can easily wipe down the sides daily to keep the surface clean of any debris, and just be cautious of the sides to not damage them. 

Install and Purchasing

When you are purchasing your stone, you want to take into consideration that you are going to see the stone carry over your counter space and that you might want a book-matched stone. What does this mean? Well, a book-matched stone means that both slabs match and the pattern runs together rather than being two different versions of the stone. This is important for bigger granite jobs like kitchen islands or for things like this where the stone will taper over the edge. When it comes to installing, we recommend that you let a fabricator or a professional install it because it can be tricky. You want to make sure all your measurements and cuts are precise and correct, as well as ensure the stone is secure. If you don’t secure the stone properly it can cause significant damage to the framing on the counter. 

Before you start anything in the process of installing a waterfall counter, make sure you take the time to do your research and make sure you know everything there is to know about having this style design. With a few simple steps and a renovation, you could be on your way to being a magazine-worthy homeowner with a luxurious kitchen design!