The Best Countertops of 2015

If you were to ask any house hunter what their dream kitchen must have in order to be perfect, they’ll most likely say granite countertops. Whether it’s a homeowner wanting to spice up their kitchen or a home-flipper wanting to add value to a property, almost every single kitchen nowadays is going to have some sort of stone countertop.

Granite Countertops Granite Liquidators

Granite countertops fully installed to a traditional style


According to a survey conducted by Houzz, 86% of homeowners utilized a stone countertop for their kitchen or bathroom projects. While granite is the number choice for countertop materials, the voters offered up a wide range in different materials. In this article, we’ll cover all these materials to form a guide of the best countertop materials.


1. Granite Countertops

The Best Countertops of 2015

Recently installed granite countertops from one of our customers

In that survey conducted by Houzz, 50% out of the 86% said that granite was their number one choice for a new countertop material. What exactly makes granite so popular, even though it’s been trending for almost a decade? Perhaps the sheer volume of color schemes, patterns, and movements gives way to its popularity. Or maybe its durability and practicality in the kitchen or bathroom is what’s responsible. Every voter had their reasoning for why they thought granite was the best choice, but more often than not homeowners will choose granite because of the unique and exotic coloring as well as its overall functionality in kitchen and bathroom projects.


2. Quartz

The Best Countertops of 2015

Example of quartz countertops

Coming in at second on the list, Quartz was another popular choice among these voters. Known for small amounts of maintenance and a high resistance to things like impacts and scratching, homeowners love to use this material. Like any material, while it’s highly resistant it doesn’t not mean that it is bullet proof. There are a few differences between Granite and Quartz, obviously Quartz is man-made while Granite is naturally made by Mother Nature, but here is a more in-depth look at the differences between granite and quartz.


3. Quartzite Countertops

Another material that’s starting to rise in popularity, are Quartzite countertops. Known to be even denser than granite, Quartzite countertops contain crystals that give way to its unique density. That being said, fabrication and installation can put Quartzite slabs at risk of minimal damage to things like scratches, but upon installation you’ll have an incredibly durable countertop. Also, due to the ways in which it’s formed, quartzite slabs are highly resistant to heat making it ideal for kitchen projects.


4. Marble Countertops

The Best Countertops of 2015

Marble countertops installed

While only 10% of voters in the Houzz survey said they would choose marble for their counter tops, it still ranked as one of the top choices. Marble counters provide a natural elegance that can liven up any room it is installed in. With different types of finishes available you can achieve any look you desire. Marble is also easy to clean and maintain – but watch out as the popular name-brands can run their prices on the more expensive side.


5. Solid Surface and Laminate

granite countertops granite liquidators

An example of laminate countertops

Tied for the 5th position of most popular countertop materials, solid surfaces and laminates provide clean, sleek looks with the ability to adhere to a smaller budget. But that’s not always the case. Yes a laminate surface tends to be associated with being the “low-end” option, but there are other grades out there that are highly durable and more suitable to larger budgets.



These are the most popular and trending materials among homeowners in the US. While other materials that have been used before – wood, cement, or even stainless steel – did not make this list, they are still available options. Other than taking some functionality into account, the eye of the beholder truly determines the “best” countertop material.


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