The Buyer's Guide: Granite Styles and Colors


Who likes outfits that clash?


Now, the same goes for your kitchen or bathroom projects. You’ll want to be sure that your materials all match or complement one another to yield the best looking design.

We will be going over the different granite styles and colors and which colors of cabinets each kind would pair well with. So we’re giving you a “Buyer’s Guide” to granite styles and colors to save you time when trying to decide which granite is right for you. There is so much information on this that one blog post just isn’t enough time or space to cover it all. That’s why we have ebooks available, FOR FREE, on our sidebar!

  • Contemporary/Modern – Those looking for a more contemporary style should look into contrasting color schemes. Modern themes rely heavily on using black cabinets a top white countertops, or vice versa. Both have been done and both are equally appealing. The use of dark colors accentuates a sleek finished look that the lighter colors provide, giving your kitchen or bathroom a very stylized, and almost futuristic, look.

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  • Rustic/Organic – For a style that pays homage to the outdoors and Mother Nature, look into slabs that offers more natural, earthy colors like browns and golds. Natural earth tones provide a timeless and classic look that gives way to peace and tranquility in your kitchen. Using natural wood for your cabinets is another great way to truly add an organic feel. Rustic themed projects are known to put an emphasis on hospitality and warmth. Some of our most popular slabs fall into this category because this style is highly desirable amongst Colorado homeowners.

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  • Dark/Black granite: perfect for contemporary and sleek designs, if you really want to create a futuristic and contrasting style then pair a darker granite (like Ubatuba) with white cabinets and silver hardware. The contrasting colors of your materials will make you hardware stand out.

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  • Browns/gold granite: these color schemes are truly versatile as pairing them with deep brown cabinets and gold hardware will achieve the rustic theme. While pairing them with white cabinets can yield a completely different outcome, such as a warm, summer vibe.

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  • White/Cream granite: another versatile color scheme, you can achieve different styles based on the colors of cabinets and hardware. White granite atop black cabinets provides contrast that is perfect for contemporary designs, while atop brown cabinets or lightly colored ones will achieve the more traditional look.

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There are so many more things that we can go over in relation to granite styles and colors, so check out our ebooks for more information. Head to our side bar and download them now. Quality and useful content is ready for you, so download today!

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