Have you ever walked into a model home and walked into a kitchen that made your jaw drop? We see designer homes in magazines, on tv, and in-person and we can’t even imagine what it would be like to have one of these homes of your own. Design trends, when it comes to kitchens, are constantly being created while implementing older trends. A current trend in the design industry is waterfall granite. This is basically when your countertop drapes down the sides of your island in your kitchen to create a very upscale and high-end look.

Different Applications for Waterfall Granite

Now and then you will see waterfall granite being referred to as ‘risers’ but the concept is very much the same. You typically see the waterfall effect on the countertop, but you can also see it from time to time running down the sides of cabinetry. There is more to waterfall granite when it comes to practicality than just the design aspect of it.

When you are in the process of selecting a stone for your new kitchen rebuild you will find a slab that calls to you and that you fall in love with. The bigger of a space you fill with granite the more immaculate it tends to look because you get a wider view of the stone and its coloring and movement. Waterfall counters allow you to showcase the stone you choose in a broader way and catch the attention of everyone who walks into your kitchen.

How to Design Around Your Waterfall Granite

By following the trend of waterfall granite, you are adding a sense of style to your kitchen that can sometimes be hard to come by. This design of waterfall granite also allows your kitchen to have a sense of symmetry and balance which can allow your kitchen to look complete and clean. When designing your kitchen, the trend as of now is dark on light. So, you either have dark counters with light cabinets or dark cabinets with light counters. This creates an effect that draws the attention of your guests and will leave their jaws dropped.

Waterfall countertops allow for a clean look, like we mentioned before. With the draping of the stone, you have no visible abrupt or rough edging that could decrease the overall look of the kitchen.

Like we said in the beginning, the more oversized your counters are the more surface you must showcase your stone. Another benefit to having your countertops oversized is more prep space for nightly cooking along with entertaining and get togethers. You also have more space to overlap your countertop and create a breakfast bar to provide more seating.

This trend is very popular among new builds currently because of all the benefits. If you are in the market for new stones for your countertops and are in the middle of a remodel, consider changing your design to implement a waterfall countertop. You will not regret the outcome of having an upscale and luxurious kitchen! If you’re looking for a stone slab seller who’ll get you large slabs, give us a call!