Throughout the city you will find many historical buildings that use granite in Denver. One such building that is visited by Coloradans and tourists is the Denver Art Museum. Daniel Libeskind, a prominent and well-known architect, is responsible for creating the new addition to the Art Museum. This addition is one of the finest architectural pieces that uses granite in Denver. The final price tag landed at around $110 million dollars. No less but the finest materials would be expected at this value. Libeskind also used a combination of titanium and granite in Denver to create the exterior of the new addition.

History of the Art Museum

The history of the Art Museum dates to the early 1890’s. A group of art enthusiasts banded together to create the Denver Art Association. This group met around the city regularly to sponsor artistic lectures and exhibitions and eventually decided that they need a permanent home. They chose the spot of the current Art Museum as their final resting place and forged on to plan a building to meet their needs. They went through several architects not able to find the right one that could create their vision. They wanted an elegant and sophisticated building that would house the art that they loved where people could stroll through to browse the selections. They also wanted a place for their lectures and exhibitions that would be worthy of their guest speakers.

They sought out many famed Italian architects that claimed to have the ingenuity to bring their ideas to life. Despite the disconnect that the Denver Art Association felt with many of the draftsmen, all of them brought with them their Italian influences which resonated with using granite floors and granite countertops in Denver. When the Denver Art Museum decided that it needed an addition to house some new and collections, they wanted to find a modern- day architect that could use many of the design elements in the main building like granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, elegant lighting, sophisticated ambiance, and a dramatic floorplan. After much consideration, it was decided that Daniel Libsekind fit the bill. By using granite on the exterior and granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, Libeskind set himself up to create a building that would stand as long as its twin tower. The building has quite a curb appeal with it dramatic shape that only titanium and granite in Denver could hold. The magnificence of the exterior flows to the inside where the Libeskind wing melds both buildings together by using many of the same granite selections that are seen in the El Pomar and the Second Floor Atrium of the main building. The beauty of these rooms is overwhelming and the luxurious feel that the granite floors in Denver exude, leaves guests mesmerized. These are two of the most spectacular places for events in the city.  

Many other cities have used granite in the design of their important buildings. Historically, granite has been a popular choice in the development of buildings that have great meaning or were to honor leaders or deities. This dates back all the way to the 26th century BC where Egyptians used granite to build pyramids to entomb their pharaohs.

Later in history, granite floor and countertops were highly prized during the Victorian Era. Parlours in the extravagant Victorian mansions were the centerpiece to these homes as that is where guests were entertained. Granite floors and granite countertops were quite common as they were a sign of wealth. For the same reasons, the dining room was also a very important room that was ornamented to speak to the owner’s wealth. Lavish dinners with copious amounts of food were served to guests as another sign of prosperity. This required large sideboards to be installed in these large dining rooms so that they could accommodate all the food. These were topped with the same granite that was seen in the kitchens and parlours.  

As you can see, Denver is following in line with trends of the past in designing its important buildings. That is why granite floors and granite countertops in Denver are a common choice when an air of grace and eloquence are called for. If you are interested in installing granite in your home, Granite Liquidators can help! We receive our slabs direct from the quarry, meaning we can offer you wholesale pricing! Additionally, we can get you in touch with a fabricator who can take care of the installation for you! If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.