As most of us already know, Granite is a form of igneous rock that is made of millions of tiny crystals. Granite is a form of renovation among homeowners that is very popular and nowadays is seen in all new home builds. Granite is a highly sought after product because of the diversity of granite, its durability, strength, and beauty. You can find a wide array of granite no matter where you live; different cuts, colors, and patterns of movement. Granite is a highly diverse product, meaning you can use it in more ways than one.


The most commonly known use for granite is as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom. Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home and you want it to look immaculate and catch the eyes of anyone who visits. With granite countertops, you can match the coloring of your granite with your cabinets and appliances to tie your entire kitchen together.


If you find yourself having extra pieces of granite leftover after your countertop installation, consider using it as a backsplash. If your countertops are made of granite of the same shade, using leftovers as a backsplash can create a flow to your kitchen. Even if you don’t have leftovers but are wanting to go above and beyond, you can use it as a backsplash. You also have the option of asking your wholesaler if they have any smaller sample like pieces that don’t match your countertops to use as a backsplash with contrast.

Building Stone

Granite is usually something most people think would only be in a home, however, this is not the case. Because of its strength and durability, granite is used for a multitude of building structures. Granite blocks are often used in the construction of a building. Typically, granite blocks are rough on all sides which allows them to secure to each other more efficiently. These granite blocks are cheaper to use and provide a rugged appearance that some like.

Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is a very commonly used form of stone in the construction trade. It is mostly used as a base material in road and highway construction. Another way this form of granite is used is in landscaping. The attractive colors make it very popular.

Granite Tile

Granite can often be purchased in the form of a tile so you can use it as flooring in any room or wall paneling in a bathroom.

Alongside being used within your home and in construction, you can find granite in nature and not just as its natural form. Granite is used for various statues and monuments across the world like Mount Rushmore, for example. Granite is also used in memorials like headstones on graves and as curbing along streets and parks.

Granite is all around us whether we notice it or not. It is so durable and strong that it can be used for just about anything and everything! Next time you are taking a walk outside, look around you and see if you can spot any granite. With the diversity of granite, you can expect to find it just about anywhere!

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