Easter is fast approaching and like every year you are struggling to come up with new and exciting ways to entertain friends and family around your granite countertop.

Although a lot of Easter activities that you commonly take part in around your granite countertop tend to focus on the kiddos…adults enjoy Easter too!

Here are some fun decoration ideas, recipes, and activities that guests of all ages will enjoy around your granite countertop

Party Favors

Every great party has a token of attendance for the guests. This year decorate your granite countertop with miniature succulents and then give one to each guest as they leave. Not only will this bring a smile it will make your food spread more festive on your granite countertop.

Bunny Treats

Who can refuse rice krispies? Bunny lollipops made with rice krispies are sure to please and are super easy to make on your granite countertop.

After you are done making them on your granite countertop you can display them in glasses as a bouquet or stick them in food dishes that are on your granite countertop to add some pizzazz.

Decorate Ordinary Placemats and Trivets

The display of the food on your granite countertop that you are going to serve at your Easter party is just as important as the food itself. The more vibrant the more guests will enjoy and indulge.

You can easily spice up placemats and trivets that you are going to use on your granite countertop by purchasing rolls of decorative ribbon from your local craft store. Adhere with a glue gun and you are good to go!

Display Dyed Eggs In Candle Holders

Every year we spend hours decorating eggs and they end up sitting in the refrigerator. Convert a long wood votive holder into a display for your eggs and put it in the center of your granite countertop. Fill each votive hole with a bit of raffia and set a dyed egg in it. This is an inexpensive way to elegantly decorate your granite countertop for Easter.

Wood Rounds For Desserts

Dessert is often the most favorite part of the meal. Whether you are having cakes, cookies, or other sweets place them on wood rounds on your granite countertop for an outdoor feel.

Buffet Set Up For Flatware

If you are doing a buffet style dinner and setting food out on your granite countertop paint mason jars with Easter colors and place flatware inside them. This is a space saving idea that is also cute!

Bunny Masks

Kids can get antsy waiting for food! Provide a quick and easy craft that they can do on your granite countertop while final food preparations are taking place.

Purchase pre-cut bunny masks that you can attach to sticks. The kids can decorate them with markers and candy while visiting with family and friends around your granite countertop. It is easy to clean up once it is time to eat!