Installing a backsplash is the perfect cherry on top of a finished kitchen renovation. It’s a sure way to add personality and overall aesthetic to your space. They can offer color, texture, interest, and patterns to a kitchen to help it stand out from the crowd and decorate your indoor space even further. When it comes to backsplashes, there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. They come in many different materials, sizes, and styles for you to choose the one that fits best with your preferences and lifestyle needs. 

One of the most dramatic and eye-catching options for backsplashes is the use of natural stone. Specifically, ledgestones are a very popular option for kitchens to add dimension and raw, Earth materials to your home. In essence, ledgestones are stacked stones that have a character and beauty like no other. Like most natural materials, no two stones are the same. This gives your kitchen its own unique charm and ensures that there is never a dull moment when it comes to the design of your kitchen. 

Ledgestones at Granite Liquidators

Our range of ledgestone options will add dimension and versatility to any wall. Backsplash options at Granite Liquidators all have neutral tones to help blend in with their natural surroundings. You can even install these on a fireplace or in a shower. Wherever you incorporate them, they will look phenomenal. The opportunities for design and adding depth are endless with ledgestones! 

If you’re interested in purchasing ledgestone from Granite Liquidators, you’ll want to keep in mind that each piece is exactly 1 square foot. They are all sold in boxes of 6 pieces, so expect 6 square feet per box. The great thing about buying them in these small quantity boxes is that you have the ability to mix and match with other ledgestones to create your very own, personalized backsplash. 

When renovating, it’s best to think outside of the box and challenge yourself to make your house a home. Backsplashes don’t need to be flat, bland, and just faded into the background. Help your walls get noticed by adding stones that pop out and bring about a raw sense to your space. Especially for those with natural stone countertops, adding a ledgestone backsplash is a great way to complement your existing space. 

Many people also enjoy installing ledgestone as an accent wall or feature for their living spaces. Implementing these natural walls into a space that maybe is a bit mundane or needs a little design help is an effortless way of taking your home to the next level. Floating shelves are becoming an increasingly popular trend in kitchens, making it easier to decorate your walls in a manner that matches your design tastes and functional style. Let your inner artist shine through and create a space that looks and performs exactly how you need and want it to.

Our Options at Granite Liquidators


Aramosa ledgestone is a beautiful option for those with cream and gray tones in their existing space. It has streaks of dark silvers and gray to add drama and extreme texture to the walls of your home. This backsplash would look best in a space that is very bright and simple, not to detract any attention away from this gorgeous stone. 

Desert Grey

Desert Grey ledgestone has a really interesting texture and color to its surface. With warm hints of yellow and light wisps of blue, this tile is great at bringing comfort and a natural ambiance to any space. This backsplash would look best in a modern room in need of more homey vibes and beautiful dimension.

Frost White

Frost White ledgestone has hues similar to that of Desert Gray, but with a bit more pronunciation and depth. With its tones of blue, gold and frosty cream, you will have no trouble pairing this stone with your existing space. Although much of the tile consists of cold colors and harsh textures, the vibrant yellow and warm blues bring it to that perfect level of comfort and light for any kitchen.

Nadi Grey

Nadi Grey has a light grey and cream surface, with hints of dark depth and streaks of personality. This stone is great for adding a crisp and clean look to the walls of your home. It pairs well in darker kitchens in need of light and contrast. It would also look wonderful in existing white spaces that could use a bit of contrast and personality. Regardless of where you implement this stone, Nadi Grey is sure to add that perfect accent to any space.